Glass Globe For Plants: How Does It Work?

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Glass globe for plants is a wonderful means of watering your plants in a steady manner. It is also referred to as a watering globe. This glass globe is a good tool you can use to supply your potted plants with water even when you are away from home for a while.

Glass globe for plants does help minimize the rate at which you have to manually water your plants. However, when using this glass watering globe, you need to be aware of how long this tool watering scheme can last so you can plan ahead and set them up properly.

Also, this watering glass globe should be matched with the appropriate plants because different plants have different watering needs.

Let’s further look into some details about glass globe for plants and how they work with plants.

Glass Globe For Plants: How It Works

Glass globe for plants works by slowly releasing water into the soil and supplying water to your plant for some period. There is a small opening in this glass globe that allows water to escape and this small opening limits and controls the amount of water coming out of the globe.

This watering glass globe is filled up with water and then inverted and the long tiny neck is gently pushed into the soil.

In the first instance, a little amount of water will come out of the neck of the watering globe. However, there are two different processes that will limit the watering globe’s rate of release of water.

  • The first process that will limit the rate at which water comes out of the watering globe is the physical presence of the soil at the opening entrance.
  • Then the second part is the water leaving the watering globe tends to hinder air from entering the neck of the globe. Once air isn’t able to enter the globe and displace the water, then the water won’t be able to leave because of the weak vacuum formed.

Now when the soil surrounding the neck of the watering globe dries out, air can now enter the globe and the small amount of water will be displaced until equilibrium is restored. So, this process tends to limit the rate at which the watering globe empties.

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How Long Can A Glass Globe Last?

The rate at which the globe empties its content or the duration to which the glass globe can last usually depends on some factors. Some of these factors can include the type of soil used in the pot, the plant’s water requirements, and the ambient temperature.

So, while we put these factors into consideration, the watering globe should last for about 1 to 2 weeks so far you use it the right way.  So, you can plan your plant’s watering scheme with this duration whenever you are out or unable to attend to your plants and water them.

Benefits Of Using Watering Globe

Here are some benefits of using glass globes:

  • Watering globes can help water your plant anytime you are absent or on a short vacation.
  • This glass globe does not require any attachment to any external water supply
  • No electronics or any complicated controls. They are very easy to install and use.
  • They are less expensive.
  • They look quite attractive.

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Glass Globe For Plants

Downsides To Using Glass Globe For Plants

Glass globe for plants does offer great advantages. However, there are a few drawbacks you should be aware of. This drawback does not necessarily mean this watering globe is not a great choice. It will mainly depend on individual preferences and needs.

So, let’s take a look at some downsides to use this glass globe for our plants:

  • Duration Can Vary

You may not have total control of how water is been delivered to your plant. This is because the rate at which this glass globe delivers water to our plant varies.

Some may have experienced their watering globe emptied in just 2 days. While some may have enjoyed a longer duration of about 1 to 2 weeks. However, you should know that if you set them up the right way, they should be able to last for a while.

We recommend you give it some trial before you comfortably leave it to run while you’re on vacation. When you do this, it can help you have an idea of how long the watering globe can last.

  • They Are Fragile – Glass Globe For Plants

Glass globe for plants are quite fragile as they are made from blown glass, and it has a long, thin, and delicate neck. The glass globe can break or smash easily so this is why you should take care when filling them and when you’re placing them in the soil.

  • The Varying Size Of The Opening Neck Of The Watering Globe

The neck size of the opening neck of the watering globe can vary in size and these sizes can determine how water flows. For instance, the watering globes that have very narrow openings can be quite tricky and slow to refill.

The Varying Size Of The Opening Neck Of The Watering Globe
  • Can Only Last A Week Or Two

The water can only last for about a week or two so this means it is not ideal if you will be going on a long vacation that can last up to a month.

Therefore, refilling the watering globe every week or two weeks is usually required.

Conclusion On Glass Globe For Plants

Glass globe for plants can serve as a good option for your houseplant especially when you are away for a while and you aren’t able to water your plant any time soon..


Do water globes for plants work?

Water globe for plants does work and it can easily supply water to your indoor houseplants whenever you are not available to water your plants.

Which plants like watering globes?

Plants such as spider plants, ferns, peace lily, elephant ears, Calathea, and orchids like watering globes. This is because these plants like their soil to be moist.

How do you make a plant globe?

You can make your plant globe from a wine bottle. Make small holes around the neck of the bottle and fill it up completely with water. then screw the cap of the bottle and tighten it and turn the bottle over and push the bottle into your soil.

What are watering globes?

Watering globes also known as glass globes is a tool used to water plants. This glass globe is made up of blown glass globes with long and thin necks.

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