10 Amazing House Plants With Orange Flowers

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Last Updated on January 23, 2022 by Fabiola L.

There are several houseplants with orange flowers you can grow around your home to give you that bright feel around your home.

Flowers are known to brighten up spaces and any room they are placed. Orange flowers are some of the finest blooms to grow – this color has a unique attraction to the mind and eyes.

Over the years, flowering house plants have grown increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. Watching the start of flowers bloom and the colorfulness they bring to a room uplifts the spirit and relaxes the mind. It also adds a priceless attractiveness to the rooms. Indoor flowers can be red, pink, purple, or even white. Adding indoor plants with orange flowers to this mix can look lovely!

Surprisingly, there are many houseplants with orange flowers, and depending on the type, they can bloom at different times of the year, brightening your home all year round.

House Plants With Orange Flowers

Orange flowering plants are many, and we will look at a variety of them in the list below.

Kaffir Lily

This flower blooms in the springtime, bursting forth with a stunning orange color. This lily is easy to grow but needs plenty of care and can bloom at different times for each gardener, depending on the kind of care provided.

Lily comes in white, red, and yellow flowers, but the orange ones are mostly preferred. Its flowers are shaped like a trumpet with orange petals and a yellow center. They have dark green long leaves with an outstanding contrast a brightly colored flowers.

These flowers thrive in rich light soils, slight humidity, and regular watering. During winter, bring them in and don’t water them as often to protect them from wilting.

Bird Of Paradise

This plant is easy and almost effortless to grow. This African origin plant best grows in warm areas. Also known as the crane plant, this is one of the sturdiest houseplants with orange flowers. It grows up to 6 feet tall and is loved by birds that love to perch on.

A thriving crane plant will flower multiple times during the year. The flowers are orange colored with a few blue petals carrying the flower’s nectar. This plant can bloom continuously from early spring to fall.

Regular moist potting soil, indirect sunlight, and consistent watering are best for this plant to thrive and bloom.

Christmas Cactus

This perennial houseplant produces orange flowers during the fall or spring. Christmas cactus has no leaves but stems that perform photosynthesis. The plant grows as a shrub that loves to climb on other trees in nature. You can therefore provide another plant to climb on as it grows.

Christmas cactus prefer moderate moisture levels; too much water causes root rot, eventually killing the plant. This plant likes partial shade and humidity. It tolerates drought and poor soils pretty better than most plants.

Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame (Goeppertia crocata or Calathea crocata) is a houseplant that blooms beautiful 1 to 2-inch orange flowers from late spring to summer. Its leaves are evergreen, and they fold up at night as a survival skill.

This plant requires moderate moisture levels as too much water kills the plant. This tropical plant likes partial shade and withstands humidity, preferring a slightly acidic alkaline soil of 6.0 to 7.8.

orange flowering plants

Clivia Miniata

Clivia miniata, also known as the bush lily, is a common houseplant with orange flowers. This vibrant plant, with its breathtaking blooms, originates from South Africa. It makes an excellent houseplant as it is a lover of low light.

Barberton Daisy

Barberton daisy has several names: Gerbera Jameson, Transvaal, and Gerbera Daisy. Over the last few years, it has become such a vibe for many houseplant lovers for its ability to produce red-orange flowers. It grows annually in cold areas and is a perennial in warm regions.   This plant prefers direct sunlight, moist soils, regular watering, and humidity levels.

The Orange Star

The Orange Star Plant or the Sun Star is one of the houseplants with orange flowers commonly grown outdoors but thrives indoors more. This plant prefers bright sunlight to bring out the vibrant orange color of its flowers. Provide it with adequate water during its growing journey for maximum blooming.

Orange Lipstick

The Orange lipstick plant is native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. It is a cascading flowering evergreen plant producing vibrant tubular orange blooms. It blooms all through summer, providing a long season of beautiful flowers. This houseplant can be ideally grown on a hanging basket.


The Crossandra plant is also known as the firecracker flower. This houseplant has narrow, pointed leaves and vibrant orange flowers. It does well in warm, humid conditions and is not tolerant to cold weather. Once provided with adequate light, they make magnificent flowering houseplants.

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Flowering Maple

The Flowering Maple plant is a shrub that looks the same as the hibiscus. This plant is native to South and Central America. It has exotic orange flowers that make it an excellent houseplant for many people across America. It prefers well-draining soils and a good amount of light, especially when ready to bloom.


Lewisia is a flowering evergreen perennial plant with different bloom shades – striking orange, white, yellow, and pink flowers. This succulent plant is indigenous to North America and thrives indoors.


Impatiens walleriana comes in a spectrum of stunning colors, including the popular orange type. These flowers love water and high humidity compared to fellow indoor plants.


If anyone asks you what plant grows orange flowers, pull out your list of all the above plants that are well known as houseplants with orange flowers.

When choosing a houseplant with orange flowers, know what time of the year the flowers bloom and how often they bloom to ensure you get the flowers when you want. If you can grow as many flowering types as possible, you can get a variety of orange blooms at different times of the year. Ask any gardener, and they will guarantee you it’s genuinely uplifting to have flowers every time of the year.

Be sure to get the right pot for your houseplants and provide the perfect growing conditions to get the most delicate blooms.

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