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How Deep Do You Have To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

How Deep Do You Have To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

Many beginner gardeners wonder how deep do you have to plant hyacinth bulbs, not knowing that they’re not difficult to plant at all. These plants are very common in gardens, walkways, hanging pots, and other containers. Because of their cheerful color and incredible scent they make a beautiful addition to any garden. In this article, we’ll learn how to plant hyacinths and take care of them!

How To Plant Hyacinth Bulbs

One of the reasons hyacinths are a good plant for beginner gardeners is their planting technique! These plants are very simple to plant, and making taking care of them until they’re completely grown isn’t difficult at all!

Regarding Hyacinth planting depth, you should dig holes to the depth of at least 4 inches, but no deeper than 6 inches!

Some people like to plant more bulbs in the same, large hole. Planting five or more bulbs in the same hole has certain advantages over planting a single bulb in the hole. Planting them in a group of 5 to 9 bulbs per hole gives them a more natural look. In nature, they wouldn’t grow in a straight line or in a pattern!

If you’re planting them one by one, then make sure that there are at least 5 inches in between holes! It’s best to plant them in autumn – after the first frost, but before the ground freezes completely. Expert gardeners avoid planting hyacinths in the spring.

When you plant your hyacinth bulb, the pointy end should be facing the sky. There’s also very little need for watering – these plants usually make do with natural sources of water!

Where to plant hyacinth bulbs? Well, one of the reasons why hyacinths are so popular is their versatility! You can really plant them wherever you want, as they’ll make a beautiful addition to any place. Be it a pot or some other container, a walkway, a flowerbed, or anything else. Something that you should keep in mind is their strong scent!

Hyacinths have a very powerful, beautiful scent!

This is why many gardeners plant them in small pots next to the door to their homes. This way, whoever comes to their home is welcomed by the distinct scent!

Growing Indoor Vs Growing Outdoor

Even though hyacinths prefer to be out in the open where they can get enough sunlight and water, you can also grow them inside!

Outdoor Planting

Planting them outside isn’t complicated at all. Just dig out a 4-inch hole, add some manure and plant the bulb(s). Cover them with soil and let nature do the rest! Make sure that you’re planting them in autumn, before the land freezes!

You can also plant them in pots that will stay outside! When planting in a pot, make sure that the bulbs are further apart (don’t put all the bulbs in the same hole) and cover them with fertilizer once a year!

Indoor Planting

Gardeners recommend that you find prepared bulbs if you’re planning on planting them indoors! It’s enough to plant them 2 inches deep – bulbs can be closer together, but they shouldn’t be huddled up, touching. Fill the container up with compost, but let the tips protrude. Cover the compost with water, enough to get the compost moist, and keep them in a dark, cool place for two and a half months!

At that point, shoots will start to grow and that’s a sign for you to move your hyacinths into a place with more air and light! The blooming process is about to begin!

One thing you have to think about when you’re planting your hyacinths indoors is heat! Heat is a common problem with indoor hyacinths and it causes them to bend and flop. You should never place your pot next to a heat source, like a furnace or a radiator. Hyacinths like air and light, not heat!

where to plant hyacinth bulbs

Caring For Your Hyacinth

Another reason gardeners suggest planting your hyacinths in groups is the scent! More hyacinths huddled up in a single spot will release a stronger scent than if they were scattered around!

When you’re caring for your hyacinth, there are several things you have to keep in mind! The most important factors are water, light, soil, and air.


We already pointed out that you should keep heat in mind, especially when you’re planting your hyacinths indoors! They don’t like heat, so make sure that there isn’t a radiator around! Regardless of temperature and humidity, a single hyacinth bulb isn’t that long-lasting! Gardeners suggest that you dig your hyacinths up if you live in an area where winter temperatures don’t drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You should chill your plants in a dark and cold place for two to three months.


Only water your hyacinths immediately after planting. You most likely won’t have to water them if there’s a regular amount of rain during the winter. These plants can depend solely on natural sources of water. If you live in a dry area, however, make sure to let the soil dry out completely before watering! They’re going to rot if you make the soil too wet!


Hyacinths like to spend time in the sun! You should feel free to place them in a completely clear or a partially-shaded area, they’ll thrive there nonetheless!


It’s only important for the soil to be drained well, as hyacinths don’t like wet soil! These plants don’t care about soil pH at all!

In conclusion, you should plant your hyacinths in an open or a partly-shaded area with well-drained soil. You can also plant them in a container! When planting, make sure to dig out holes up to 6 inches in depth, but no shallower than 4 inches. You can plant a single bulb per hole, or you can dig out a larger hole for more bulbs, which is something that many gardeners recommend. This is a great option if you’re going for a more natural look! Hyacinths are easy to care for, as you virtually don’t have to water them at all and they don’t need much fertilization!

These plants are a great option for any beginner gardener and planting them shouldn’t be a problem at all!

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