Major Differences Between A Hog and A Pig

Major Differences Between A Hog and A Pig

Hogs and pigs belong to the same family – the porcine family. These are very common species. Their names are used interchangeably most of the time. They have the same looks and body but their names and other features differentiate them from each other. The porcine family, swine, hog, and pig are the most popular and name alone is not enough to tell which is what.

Pig Vs Hog

The difference between a pig and a hog is evident in some areas of the animal. Pigs are small domestic species in the pig family. A pig weighs less than 120 pounds. Hogs are large domestic species in the pig family. A hog weighs more than 120 pounds. With regards to their age and size, pigs are small and they are mostly younger. While hogs are large and are most times older than pigs.


Hogs are quite different from pigs; they have small eyes, large ears, and their tails are thin. Hogs have a flat snout and they are naturally omnivores. Hogs are in the process of domestication. Farmers slaughter hogs for meat. The organs of Hogs are used for medicines and insulin. Hogs are more aggressive and left to roam, so they most times move into the forest and wildlife.

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These are swine of younger age, they are animals that are yet to mature. Pigs come from Southeast Asia and they are domestic animals. You won’t find pigs in the market because slaughtering them brings no benefit as they are small and bears little or no meat. Just like the hogs, pigs have small eyes, cloven hooves, short legs, and cartilaginous snouts. They have curled tails and they are naturally omnivores. According to research, pigs are smarter than the average 3-year old child. Pigs weigh less than hogs, they are young and very social.

Differences Between A Hog And A Pig

After the brief explanation of what a pig and hog are, it is clear that they have unique features. Hogs can survive through any weather and season. But pigs prefer cold areas due to their inability to sweat. It will be difficult to find a pig that is above 3 years old. But you can find a hog that is 3 years and even older than that. We will discuss some of the key things that make these animals peculiar.

Differences Between A Hog And A Pig
  1. Age Of The Mammals

As earlier said, these mammals differ in age, and they have different life spans. You can tell a hog from a pig through their age. Note that pigs are always younger than hogs, and they are yet to reach the maturity stage. The maturity stage of the pig family is 3 years and pigs are below 3 years. However, hogs are older than pigs, so most of them are 3 years and older. Hogs are pigs. A pig must be above 3 years old to be considered a hog.

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  1. Domestication Of Hogs And Pigs

Domestication is one of the things that differentiates pigs from hogs. These two mammals are not on the same level of domestication. Pigs were domesticated 8000 years ago alongside cattle. Some pigs entered Europe through Asian farmers. While the Chinese domesticated hogs around 6000 years ago. Hogs were their primary source of meat.

  1. Farming Purpose

Hogs and pigs are raised in different environmental conditions. Farmers of this kind of species can tell which is a pig and which is a hog. This is due to the difference in their weight. Most pigs are found on the farm, and they weigh less. Hogs have high weight. Farmers mostly take care of pigs for the sole purpose of selling them for meat.

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  1. Behavior And Attitude

Hogs and pigs mature according to their environment. They have different behavioral pattern. These animals have more intelligence than a 3-year old kid and they socialize better with human beings and their fellow pigs. They enjoy bonding with animals in their surroundings, and they are highly omnivorous. Hogs are aggressive, smart, fast, and found in the wild.

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  1. Their Physical Changes

These aspects of the animals will be quite different since their classification and characteristics are based on age. When it comes to weight, pigs weigh less than 120 lbs, and their legs are quite short. They have rough hair which perfectly complements their cloven hooves and cartilaginous snout. For hogs, their snouts are much flatter, and their body is bigger than that of pigs. Hence, farmers take care of them for the sole purpose of commercial activities.

  1. Commercial Purpose

Farmers differentiate pigs and hogs according to their age and weight when taken to the market. Pigs most time don’t make it to the market due to their small weight and age. Farmers raise pigs on farms until they become hogs. Hogs are slaughtered, and sold for commercial purposes because of their perfect size and weight.

Commercial Purpose


Pigs and hogs belong to the same animal family, but people try to differentiate them due to the misconceptions that may arise. Pigs are hogs and hogs and pigs, but they have some similarities and differences outlined above. Hopefully, this piece will reduce some misconceptions that arise.

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