How Far Apart To Plant Potatoes

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If you have been wondering how far apart to plant potatoes in a way that maximizes their production, follow us in this guideline. Potatoes are easy to grow but need some proper planning. If potatoes are planted and cared for properly, you could dig up plenty of tubers within a short time. Potatoes grow differently than other underground tuners, they need ample space to thrive. If not given enough room in the ground, they become deformed. This is because they do not reach their full growth potential and only a few potatoes form.

To ensure you get a bumper harvest, you must have the following:

  • Healthy potato seeds already sprouted
  • Rich well-aerated soil
  • Proper spacing measurements

Why Is It Important to Create Space for Potatoes?

Gardeners have to follow a complete routine process in planting, weeding, and hilling. During the hilling process, the soil is moved up and around the base of the potato plant right above the ground. Potatoes need a little bit of soil heaped around them to protect them from exposure to sunlight. If you don’t leave enough space between potatoes when planting, you put them at risk of not being able to adequately hill them. Thus exposing them to sunlight, rain, or harsh weather elements that will damage them.

Different Potato Types to Choose from

There are many different seed potatoes available for you to choose from. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Kennebec
  • Purple majesty
  • Red Pontiac
  • Yukon gold
  • Russian banana
  • German butterball
  • Russet norkotah

These are a few to name, there is a great assortment available from the many seed companies in business today.

Let’s See How Far Apart to Plant Potatoes

Proper spacing of potatoes depends on the type of gardening you are planning to do and the type of potato you are growing. Larger potato seeds need more space than the smaller ones. But, we cannot rely on the size of the seed to measure out the right spacing. The general guideline is to plant each potato 12 inches apart to allow enough growing space. So how far apart are potato rows supposed to be? The potato rows need to be 3 feet apart to allow maximum growth space.

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How Do you Measure How Far Apart to Plant Potatoes?

As we have seen, proper spacing depends on the type of garden you have. To measure the distance of your garden for potato planting, you will need a measuring tape or measuring stick. The spacing also depends on the layout you want your garden to have.

There are two ways to use to measure your garden’s size before measuring the spacing of the potatoes. They are:

Square feet blocks. This is land subdivided into blocks rather than the traditional garden. Most farmers use square feet blocks to maximize the number of gardens they will use for each crop. To measure your square feet blocks, use a string to mark off each foot of land. Be sure to leave a small distance between each crop to avoid overcrowding. When measuring, you will need to use trace lines in the soil. They help you mark your spots before proceeding to other blocks. This helps you make the rows accurately!

Traditional row garden. As the name suggests, this is a traditional ordinary garden that does not have a lot of limitations. You will be planting your potatoes in single line rows with a more spread out plan. If you love growing different sorts of crops next to each other, you can mix them up to create an attractive garden.

How Do you Measure How Far Apart to Plant Potatoes

To measure how far apart to plant potatoes, measure the length and width of the area you are planning to grow your crops in. Once you have that written down, calculate how many rows can fit in the area. To do that, divide the width of the garden by the space of the rows. Also, divide the length of the garden by the space between the plants. Go ahead and mark your rows with sticks before digging them out.


If you are keen to perform all these strategies in your garden, then you should not have any problem with potato spacing. Growing them further away from each other is way better than growing them too close. The closeness creates problems with soil and nutrient distribution. Planning the potato spacing before planting is not difficult if you follow the clear guide. Soon enough you will be harvesting big full potatoes from your hard work!


What happens if you plant potatoes too close together?

Potato plants are typically spaced 1 to 2 feet apart and need at least 6 inches of space between each tuber. Planting a potato in soil that has been disturbed or is too close to another potato can cause the potatoes to become discolored, stunted, and leggy.

If you plant potatoes too closely together, they may cause the plants in the area to not grow as well. If both tubers are growing from the same root system, one tuber may be able to produce more leaves than it needs for photosynthesis, causing a deficiency in nutrients and leading to discoloration on the leaves. Alternatively, if one tuber gets enough light because it is above ground while its partner gets less light because it is buried under other tubers, then the fruits will be smaller.
Also, Planting potatoes close together may cause the plants to become overcrowded and in turn, lead to dehydration of the soil. This is due to the fact that potatoes use up more water than other vegetables.

When you plant crops like potatoes, you need to make sure that there is enough space for them. Even though it may seem like a good idea to plant them closer together, it can actually lead to problems in the long run.

Do you plant potatoes with the sprouts up or down?

There are many reasons why you should plant potatoes with their sprouts up rather than down, but we will discuss some of them as follows:

- They will get better nutrition from the tops of the potato sprouts rather than getting submerged in water and dying

- They won't rot if it rains on them

- They won't have any holes in them when they grow because they can keep growing out of the ground.

How much soil depth Do potatoes need?

Potatoes grow best in cool and moist soil. The optimum soil depth for potatoes is about 1 to 2 inches.

How late can you plant potatoes?

The question of how late can you plant potatoes is common among gardeners and farmers. There are also a lot of web pages that try to answer the question. The answer is that it depends on various factors.

The most important thing you want to keep in mind is the weather conditions in your area.

The best time to plant potatoes is after the last frost has passed. In order to determine how late this is, we can break the growing season into different months and use our handy-dandy temperature map.

How deep do potato roots go?

Potatoes are a popular food crop for humans, but these tubers also have another use. They grow and take up space underground, just like other root crops. This type of plant is called a tuber and it has a short stem with fleshy leaves at the top. Tubers grow underground and can be harvested for eating or for planting more potatoes.
Potato roots can extend to depths of 1 meter.

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