How Long Does It Take To Grow Succulents From Seeds?

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How long does it take to grow succulents from seeds to grown plants depends on the type of succulent and the growing conditions?

Succulents are beautiful plants that are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors.

They are loved by many because they are low maintenance and incredibly easy to take care of.  All thanks to the minimal watering and feeding requirements.

Some purchase an already grown succulent at any gardening center.  But did you know you can grow your right from the seed?  There is no joy like watching something that was once so tiny grow into a full-grown flourishing plant under your care.

Why Should You Grow Succulents from Seeds?

But why would you insist to grow this plant from seed when you can get them in plenty from your closest gardening center.

To find satisfaction from the growing process.  The many times you look at that growing succulent on your working table tell how much amazement you hold for this plant.  Now, how about that amazement doubled?  Imagine experiencing the succulent growing from a tiny seed into a colorful plant.

Why Should You Grow Succulents from Seeds

To grow a rare one that you can’t find in the market.  Some succulents are rare to find and if you find them, they can cost a high amount of money.  You might need to germinate yours if you want the particular type at a favorable cost.

If you are a succulent die-hard fan. Die-hard fans appreciate every growth step of a plant and will go the extra mile to grow their own from seed. Generally, growing plants from seeds naturally yield a bountiful harvest. You are likely to have more plants to fill your garden and plenty to give away.

How Long Does It Take to Grow Succulents from Seeds?

The growth of the succulents depends on the type of succulent, sunlight, and temperature that the plant is provided with. It takes anywhere between 3 days to a few weeks to begin the growth process. Some can take up to a year to germinate so don’t give up on them.

It is important to do research when buying the seeds to anticipate the growing time of each type.  When you notice germination happening and leaves begin to emerge, remove the lid during the day to keep them well ventilated.

As your succulents grow over the first 1-2 weeks, continue to keep the soil moist but ensure proper drainage. At this time, the roots are just starting to develop, it is therefore important to keep them hydrated.

Once the roots become established, it is not important to keep the soil surface damp at all times.  Monitor the soil moisture and the plant’s growth to determine if it needs watering until it is fully grown.  Adult succulents need watering once a week!

Once the roots are established, it is the best time to introduce them to sunlight.  Though succulents and cacti are desert plants, it doesn’t mean they thrive in direct sunlight.  The baby plants do not like direct sunlight.  You must wait until their leaves begin to mature to introduce the sun slowly by slowly.

Increase the light little by little every few days until you have the plants tolerating the amount of light in your area.  Once they are adjusted to the light, you can go ahead and leave them there permanently.  Remember, the amount of light will vary depending on the type of plant and the sun in your region.

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Tips for Growing Succulents from Seeds

Now that we have discussed how long it takes to grow succulents from seeds, let’s learn some important tips to try when growing succulents.  Remember growing succulents from seeds is very different than growing types of plants from seeds.

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Get good Quality Seeds

Make sure that you get good quality seeds from a reliable source.  Succulent seeds are extremely small with some easily mistaken for dirt or dust.  To avoid being swindled, make sure you purchase your seeds from a reputable resource.  There are several sellers on Etsy and Amazon that offer quality succulent seeds however there are others that are not.  Do your research before you purchase your seeds.

Conclusion Growing Succulents from Seeds

Growing succulents from seeds is an affordable way to add lots of different plants to your collection. It is a slow process but a sure one where you will enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor. Remember once your seedlings have grown into a decent size, you can safely transplant them to new ground. The process of growing succulents isn’t really hard, rather it takes effort and patience just like many other plants.


Are succulents fast growing?

Succulents are different from other plants because they do not need soil to grow and can survive on little water.

In the past ten years, this plant type has seen a great rise in popularity. They are inexpensive, easy to care for, and come in a wide variety of colors and textures that make them fun to play with in the landscape.

The answer to this question can vary depending on the type of succulents you want to grow. They are classified into hard-neck succulents, semi-succulent, and annual succulents.

Semi-succulent and annual succulents are fast growing. However, this is not true for hard-neck succulent plants.

Are your plants fast growing? If so, they are probably a semi-succulent or an annual succulent plant!

How long does it take to grow succulents?

Different factors contribute to how long it takes for succulents to grow. The amount of sunlight, temperature, water and soil are key factors in determining how long it will take for your plants to grow.

The time it takes to grow succulents also depends on the size of the pot and the type of soil. They grow very quickly when they are in potting soil with a lot of peat moss or coconut fiber.

Some succulents need 3 months while others take as long as 2 years.

The following is the list of the fastest growing succulent plants:

-Echeverias, which can grow in just 2 weeks

-Sempervivums, which can grow in just 1 month

-Epiphyllums, which can grow in just 3 weeks

-Matilija Poinsettia, which can take around 4 months

How can I make my succulent grow faster?

You might be looking for ways to make your succulent grow faster, but you should also consider a few things before you decide to try out any new methods. First, check the pot for water and nutrients that are needed for the plant's growth.

The first thing that you need is a bright sunny spot with good drainage. This will allow your succulent to get all of the light it needs without getting droopy leaves because of too much moisture. You can use pebbles and sand in the soil, but avoid adding gravel or other large stones because they can cause damage when they fall off.

If your succulent is too big, place a layer of mesh screen over the soil and cover it with rocks that are smaller than 1 inch in diameter.

If you need a quick fix, add a teaspoon of peat moss or sand to the soil and give it a good drink. However, you will have better success with methods that are more tailored to the needs of your individual succulent.

Methods include:

1) Succulent grower potting mix

2) Succulent soil with perlite

3) Watering frequency

4) Fertilizing frequency

5) Light level

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