A Guide On How Often To Water Geraniums

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Last Updated on June 21, 2023 by Tony Manhart

How often to water geraniums is the kind of information most gardeners seek to know when growing these beautiful flowers indoors or outdoors.

Geraniums don’t like to get their feet wet, which is probably something you have heard from fellow gardeners. However, this could be misleading, and many could leave these flowers without water for a long time.

To dispel all myths and traditions about watering these plants, let’s look at the proper way to water them.

So How Often To Water Geraniums?

Let nobody lie to you that they have an exact answer of how often you should water your geraniums because there are many determinants.

How often varies from place to place depending on several factors like:

  • The local weather
  • Your soil type
  • How big your pots are
  • Whether you are growing it indoors or outdoors
  • The kind of geranium you are growing
  • How big your plant is
  • The overall level of humidity
So How Often To Water Geraniums

The best advice we can give any gardener growing geraniums is – use the universal method of your sense of touch and rely on it.  This rule of thumb helps you put into consideration all the individual factors that pertain to you.

How To Do It – Touch the soil with your finger pressing it down a couple of inches to test if it’s thirsty or not.  If it feels dry to the touch, it’s time to water; if it’s moist, give it another day or two to re-test.

Be sure to always allow the soil to dry before watering it afresh to reduce the cases of overwatering.

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Geranium Water Requirements

Watering geraniums is dependent on the zone you are growing them and the local weather conditions.  Different geranium varieties have slightly different watering requirements.

The general rule for watering geraniums is to water deeply whenever the soil starts to feel dry. Don’t water your geraniums from above; water only at the base to avoid getting moisture on the leaves, becoming a breeding ground for fungi.

Checking your soil for moisture helps you determine when you need to water your geranium plants.  A little moisture is not harmful, but too much will make its roots rot.  Avoid wet soil when growing geraniums.

The best approach for maintaining a schedule is to note when the soil starts to dry before watering it again.  If your geraniums are dehydrated, you will notice the leaves begin to turn yellow, then brown and finally fall off from the plant.

A dehydrated geranium plant can still be nursed back to life by putting it on a regular watering schedule while testing the soil for moisture level.  Some geraniums have a better drought tolerance due to the waxy surface on their leaves, allowing them to store more water than others.

Location and weather are the most significant determinants of how much water you should give your plants.  The hotter climates will require more watering as the soil dries out faster than in cooler temperatures.

In the following video, you can watch more tips on how to care for geraniums in pots

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Watering Geraniums

  • Overwatering:  This is one of the most common mistakes gardeners make when they start growing geraniums.  When you bathe your geranium too often, it exposes the roots to asphyxiation – a condition that makes the roots lack oxygen.  How do you know that your plants are suffering from overwatering?  You will notice the lower leaves begin to turn yellow.  You will also see annoying parasites like gnats and fungal diseases begin to form.
  • Underwatering. If you are afraid of overwatering your growing geraniums, you might end up giving them inadequate water. The opposite of overwatering is underwatering. The result is dehydrated plants that have yellow leaves and early signs of wilting.

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Learn to differentiate the two conditions to treat them accordingly.

The Best Time To Water Geraniums

The best time of day to water geraniums is early morning to ensure your plants remain hydrated the whole day. This is important because it can trigger problems like leaf fungi when a hot day is followed by a cool night. It also allows the chance for any moisture left on the leaves to dry before the night.

Evenings are not ideal times to water but if you forget to do so in the morning, go for evenings.  However, do not set your watering schedule for evenings.  If you water in the evening, the soil stays moist for longer than in your water in the morning. This is not necessarily bad for very dry places, but some geraniums might not enjoy the long hours of too much moisture.

Avoid watering your geraniums at noontime when the sun is the strongest because the sun will take all the moisture and dry your soil.  Your soil could be at risk of developing some fungi problems.

How Long Can Geraniums Stay Without Water?

Again, due to the many factors affecting the watering schedule, we cannot give the exact time geraniums can go without water.  However, on a general view, geraniums should never be allowed to wilt or the sun to become bone dry to be watered.

How Long Can Geraniums Stay Without Water

That said, whatever the weather you are experiencing in your region, keep your geraniums well-watered and follow a working schedule.

If you notice your geraniums are droopy and wilted, revive them by watering them more often but ensure you wait for the soil to dry in between the watering sessions.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few critical things to learn about how often to water geraniums.  Following these tips will help you keep your plants well-watered throughout their growing seasons.

Should you notice any changes to your plants or their leaves, be quick to review your watering schedule and check the soil for either too much or too little water.  Always ensure you know the kind of soil you are growing your geraniums in before coming up with a watering schedule to help you maintain excellent geranium care.

These are easy plants to grow, and their blooms are a beauty to behold.  How about you share more tips for growing geraniums that you use.

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