How To Store A Wheelbarrow - A Simple Guide

How To Store A Wheelbarrow – A Simple Guide

If you don’t know how to store a wheelbarrow, it can challenge you by taking too much space and a higher possibility of causing damage to it. A wheelbarrow makes life on the farm quite easier. It helps you move stuff around with minimal effort. This saves you energy and time! So what happens when the wheelbarrow is not in use? How and where do you store it? It is common for most people to leave the wheelbarrow in the garage. Others forget them outside until the next time they need to use them. 

Leaving them outside is not a good idea because it leads to tray damage. Plastic trays become dry and brittle due to exposure from the sun while metal trays rust when they gather water. A wheelbarrow is a valuable tool that must be stored safely.

How to Store a Wheelbarrow the Right Way

When choosing a perfect home for your wheelbarrow, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are a few important factors.
  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • Secure it properly to keep it from falling
  • Store it in an indoor dry space that will always keep it dry in all seasons
  • Choose a spot you can see it oftentimes to notice when it falls or become damp
How to Store a Wheelbarrow the Right Way

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Storage Considerations

  • Ceiling storage. If you don’t have much space on the floor, you can suspend your wheelbarrow from the ceiling. You do this by drilling holes on the wheelbarrow bin and setting up a pulley to raise the wheelbarrow up. Use a very strong heavy-duty rope to support the weight. Before you choose this option, consider your personal strength. See if you will be able to mount it and remove it as the need arises.
  • Fenceline storage. If your garage or shed space is fully stocked, don’t worry you can store your wheelbarrow on the fence. If you have a wooden fence, you will need some 2x4s, a clothesline, and some screws to secure your wheelbarrow. Please note, this storage method will not protect your wheelbarrow from all the weather elements. But it is a great space saver and very convenient.
  • Create extra storage. If you understand why you need to store your wheelbarrow indoors you will then create more space. Adding more shelves or cabinets will help you use your available space efficiently. You may also consider storing your wheelbarrow upside down and storing more stuff under it to create more room. You may also get professional help to help expand your garage or your shed with a bump-out.
  • Wall bracket storage. This is one of the most popular ways to store wheelbarrows. You mount it to a garage wall or shed using different hooks designed for hanging this tool. A good set of hooks will allow you to put the bottom lip in before swinging the top to the upper brackets. Removing it from this storage, reverse the process of hanging. Different hooks hang differently, a quick look at a hardware store will help you with the kind of hooks you want to use.

Heavy Duty Garage Storage Wheelbarrow Hook


Why Is It Important To Store A Wheelbarrow Safely?

Good storage helps keep your garage or shed tidy. A tidy workplace, garage, or shed is safe because you can see where all the tools are placed.

It increases workflow and due to efficiency saving you time and money. A well-arranged garage or shed makes a tidy workplace that is easy to pull out any tool use it and place it back with less effort and time.

Keeps it from breakages. Poor storage leads to the breaking of handles and bending of the axle due to corrosion.

Keeps you and your family safe. Your children, pets, and you are kept out of danger with a well-stored wheelbarrow. Educate your children on the danger of playing with a wall-mounted or ceiling hanged wheelbarrow. It can cause injurious danger to them.

Storing a Wheelbarrow Properly – Final Words

To keep your wheelbarrow in good working conditions for years, it’s best to properly store it. Always clean your wheelbarrow thoroughly before storing it no matter what material it is made of. For metal wheelbarrows, this prevents rusting.

To help prevent corroding, coat the wheelbarrow with olive oil. Let the wheelbarrow dry well before oiling it and keeping it away.

Having learned the benefits of storing your wheelbarrow well, now go ahead and do it. It will save you space, time, and energy removing and placing it back. A lot of time is wasted looking for a tool or trying to remove it from the mess it is under. Become a different kind of farmer and be properly organized!