3 Best Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer In 2021

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The best battery operated hedge trimmer can help you tame and maintain your hedge keeping your landscape looking attractive.

If you own a garden, chances are you have at least one hedge around your garden. Hedges are a natural way of marking your property boundary. In all their attractive state, they have one issue, upkeep. Hedge upkeep can be costly if you hire out these services but can be friendly if you opt to do it yourself.

To avoid wasting too much time on trimming your hedges, it is critical to choose the best battery operated hedge trimmer. This makes your work easier and uses less time. Also, consider getting yourself a cordless hedge trimmer and you will thank us later.

Why Get a Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

The obvious reason why you need a hedge trimmer is so you can manage your own garden. Trimming your own hedges with a special device for this task is pretty fast and cheaper as compared to hiring someone to do it.

The pros of using a cordless hedge trimmer outweigh the cons. The cordless type gives you better mobility since you don’t need to plug them into a socket. They are also safe to use because you won’t need to have an extension cord running through the garden. There is no risk of electrocution if you accidentally cut the cord.

Options for the Best Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer

There are many cordless hedge trimmers in the market today. To get the best, you need to get a little background information on each type to make an informed decision.

  • The small Hedge Trimmers. They are around 10 volts which is little power compared to other large ones. With such small power, they are designed to cut small, thin branches and trimming shrubs. They are nice and light and used for light work. They are quite affordable compared to the other options.
  • Medium Hedge Trimmers. They carry around 18 volts of power. They are a little heavier and cost more than the small trimmers. These trimmers are best for regular garden maintenance and are able to cut through medium-sized branches. This option is a perfect choice for most gardeners who use it on regular hedges.
  • Large Hedge Trimmers. They carry around 36 volts of power. Large hedge trimmers are serious machines that are both heavy and expensive. They are an ideal choice for most home gardeners who do not have regular hedges. They are capable of cutting through most things including a thick woody hedge. It’s commonly used by professionals who carry out a lot of landscaping work.

Features of the Best Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer 

Now that you know the various options available, it is important to know the features you should look for before buying. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Battery Size. The larger the battery, the more cutting ability you will get. No one wants to run out of power halfway through a job, the more reason you should look for a larger battery. Please note that larger batteries take longer to charge. You will have to charge it well in advance before work begins. Consider your choices!
  • Teeth. It is important to check the teeth. Different trimmers have different spaces between their teeth. The bigger the gap, the bigger the branches they can cut. Tooth gaps go from 15 mm to about 22 mm. 
Features of the Best Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer - teeth
  • Weight. You must consider the weight of the hedge trimmer because you are carrying it along as you work. Heavier is harder to use especially if you want to reach taller hedges. As much as you want power, you want to keep the weight as light as you can.
  • Noise. The best battery operated hedge trimmers tend to be quieter than the gas-powered ones. You will need to look at the noise rating for a device before you buy. A battery-powered trimmer gets to around 90 decibels. Anything higher than this might be too noisy.
  • Safety Features. It is important to buy a trimmer that has safety features. Automatic brakes will help you stop the trimmer immediately you hit the off button. Handbrakes are also important to protect the hand from flying backward. Dual switches are also critical to help you use both hands to turn the trimmer on.
  • Clipping Collectors. Some trimmers come with containers or collectors that store the trimmings. This is emptied later as it fills up rather than spraying them all over the garden. 

List of The Best Battery Operated Hedge Trimmer to Choose From

#1 EGO POWER 24 inch, 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • 56 Volts Power
  • Charge time – 2 hours
  • Run time 1 hour
  • Weight – about 9 pounds when the battery is installed
  • SPM – 3,000
  • Cut capacity – ¾ “
  • Cut capacity – 24”
  • Warranty – 5 years on the tool and 3 years on battery
  • Extra features:  Handguard, electric brake system, soft-grip handle

EGO is a well-known brand that will give you well over an hour of efficient trimming.  It is best for residential use and jam-packed with thoughtful features.  This design is ergonomic with large soft handles and a well-balanced load.  It comes with a safety trigger that is built into the handle to stop the blades instantly in case you drop it while working.  This brand also has a hand shield that keeps your leading hand from getting cut while working.

EGO comes with interchangeable batteries that can be used on a wide range of garden care tools.  That means you can save money by not buying batteries for the other tools.  EGO’s 24” blades are at a perfect length for precision.  Weighing around 9 pounds together with the battery, it is easy to maneuver with.


  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money
  • Offers plenty of power
  • Comes with a handful of safety features
  • Has a long-lasting lithium battery that does not experience fade like other batteries
  • Offers you a 3-year warranty for the battery and 5 years for the trimmer


  • Only used for light tasks – If you have overgrown thickets, you have to look for a heavy-duty trimmer.
best battery operated hedge trimmer - Ego Power

#2 BLACK DECKER BEHT 100” Hedge Trimmer


  • 20 Volts power
  • 30 – 45 minutes run time
  • SPM 2,400
  • Cut length 22”
  • Cut capacity ¾ “
  • Warranty 2 years limited for both machine and charger
  • Extra features:  wrap-around handle, lithium-ion battery

BLACK DECKER BEHT is for light trimming around your property.  It is the right tool for maintaining a few bushes.  It is not the most powerful tool but it has some thoughtful features.  This model is affordable for every homeowner who wants to do his own light trimming.

It weighs around 6 pounds together with the battery, a manageable weight that anyone can bear.  For simple trimming tasks, why wear yourself out with a heavy tool?

BLACK DECKER comes with safety features that include a front handguard to protect you from bushes and thorns when working.  A wide, soft grip that is easy to handle and work with without blistering your hands.  It also comes with 20 Volts lithium batteries that are interchangeable.

If you want to invest in a lightweight affordable trimmer, this is the tool to go for.


  • Quite affordable than other types
  • Light in weight
  • Interchangeable lithium batteries
  • 2-year warranty on both the trimmers and the battery


  • Shorter run time – about 40 – 45 minutes of run time
  • Tougher jobs wear the battery out quickly
51 XdpkX4bL. AC SL1000

#3 GREENWORKS 20 inch 40 Volts Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer


  • Power 40 Volts
  • SPM 3,200
  • Up to 50 minutes run time
  • 120 minutes charging time
  • Cut length 20”
  • Cut capacity 5/8”
  • Extended reach – 6.5” extension
  • Extra features steel blades, 3 positions pivoting head

GREENWORKS is a top choice company that has been leading in the manufacturing of outdoor electric equipment.  They have been at the forefront in advancing the use of lithium-ion technology in most of their tools.

This brand will give you the reach you need to trim tall bushes or trim under trees.  It has a head that comes with 3 fixed positions for easy angling and stability.  Its steel blades give you the ability to cut branches up to 5/8”.

One feature that is winning is the fact that this brand uses interchangeable batteries.  Its pole hedge trimmer is designed to optimize precision trimming in hard to reach corners. If you have tall hedges on your property, this tool will be an ideal solution.  It is lightweight, friendly to use and maintain, and offers efficient power for up to an hour-long.


  • Light in weight
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Maintenance is easy with replacement parts affordable
  • Offers you a 2-year warranty for the battery and a 4-year warranty for the trimmer


  • Charge time is too long compared to the run time
best battery operated hedge trimmer - Greenworks


You are now enlightened on a few important aspects. Not just the best battery operated hedge trimmer but on the options, you can choose from and the features to look for before buying.  You are now able to make a more informed decision on the nest trimmer you will need. 

Remember investing in a valuable tool ensures you get value for your money.  Go on and make a lifetime investment in a tool that will make your work easier and your home more attractive!


What is the best battery-powered hedge cutter?

The best battery-powered hedge cutter can make your life much easier when you need to maintain the garden of your home. Because of the battery powered nature, it is easy to use and lightweight. The best one should be able to cut through thick branches and healthy grass without any problem.

There are many things that you can do with a hedge trimmer, so it is highly recommended that you choose one that does not only work well but also performs tasks such as trimming hedges and bushes.
The lithium ion battery in the tool can last up to 20 hours with a single charge and it comes with a built-in LED light for visibility during night time cutting. With its long reach, it can easily trim hedges up to 10 feet high which makes this tool perfect for both homeowners and commercial customers.

What hedge trimmer do professionals use?

Hedge trimmers are multi-purpose tools that are used for trimming hedges and bushes. They can be used for various purposes such as cutting branches, clearing paths, mowing lawns and even cutting firewood.

There are three major types of hedge trimmers: corded electric (stand-alone), cordless electric (stand-alone), and gas. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The pros of using an electric one is that they are more powerful and more efficient with the use of batteries instead of a gas engine. However, they do have the disadvantage of being less maneuverable than gas powered ones which require a lot more time to adjust their position because they tend to burn out faster than the other two types.

What length hedge trimmer is best?

Many people want to know what length hedge trimmer is best to use. The most common answer to this question is that there isn't any one size fits all tool. What you should consider are the size of your hedges, how far they need to go, and the type of terrain that you're working with.

Some tools may be better suited for dense hedges while others work best on open areas. You should also consider whether or not you have a lot of time since trimming might take a long time with some hedge trimmers.

The best length hedge trimmer is the one that suits your needs and preferences to an extent. What’s important is that it has a comfortable grip and a good blade durability balance. You should also look into its power cord length, it should not be too long or too short.

Hedge trimming is easier with a battery-operated tool. However, you need to make sure that you have enough battery life before use because these tools are known for their high power consumption rates (2-4 amp per hour).

Are cordless hedge trimmers as good as electric?

Electric hedge trimmers are considered to be more powerful and efficient than their cordless counterparts. Cordless hedge cutters are more portable, lighter and easier to use.

Cordless hedge trimmers can get up to 1,550 cuts per hour whereas electric ones can only manage around 620 cuts per hour. Electric hedge trimmers also come with long-lasting batteries which enables them to last for a longer time on a single charge.

It is worth noting that cordless hedge trimmers do need replacement tool blades that will cost you around $50 for a pack of 3 blades, while electric tools come with built-in blades which don't need replacement at all.

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