Majesty Palm Vs Parlor Palm? – Which Palm Is Better For You? 

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Do you have a choice between the old Majesty Palm vs Parlor Palm? Well, here is some information about which palm is better for you. This is a question that many people have never asked themselves, and most have never had to consider. There are so many different kinds of palms on the market today, and there are so many reasons for choosing one or the other.

So which palm is the best for you? Today I will be talking about palm trees, what are they, which is better for you, and why you should be considering whether or not you should choose one type of palm over the other.

Are Majesty Palms Good House Plants?

The answer is yes! They grow quickly and thrive in sunny windowsills, indoor pots, and even the outdoors. The problem is, they’re not very easy to care for. First of all, they need a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and bright light to flower. They’ll also grow tall and can reach up to 15-20 inches in height, and that’s when they start to get difficult to handle. The first thing to do is to keep the plant well-watered and provided with plenty of light.

Once the branches start to get a little long, trim them back to about 4 inches. Use pruning shears or clippers to trim the dead branch tips off, and use the shears to shave off any leaves that are touching the sides of the pot.

Majesty Palm or Parlor Palm?

Which palm tree do you think is the taller one? If you guessed the parlor palm, you are unfortunately mistaken. That palm is actually the majesty palm, while the tallest palm in the world is the Quindío wax palm. These palms have different heights, but they share similar traits. They have similar leaf structures. The length of these leaves can however differ, with some growing up to 10 feet long.

The general difference between the majesty and parlor palm trees is the shape and size of their leaves. The leaves of a majesty palm are usually longer and more delicate, while those of a parlor palm are generally thicker and do not look as delicate.

A parlor palm also tends to grow more dense and compact, whereas the majesty palm grows more tall and upright. Both these palms can make an excellent addition to any living space and improve any corner of the house or office.

 Is majesty palm the same as Parlor Palm

Pros and Cons For a Majesty Palm


  • The main advantage of having a majesty palm is that it will make your house look beautiful.
  • You will indeed get more light in your house.
  • Is a good house plant that requires a very small amount of maintenance.


Some of the disadvantages of a majesty palm include:

  • That they need to be watered more frequently than a parlor palm.
  • They also need very humid conditions to grow and don’t grow well in the desert.
  • These palms also don’t grow well when the temperature is too high or too low, meaning you have to maintain their ideal temperature.
  • Another disadvantage is that it takes longer for a majesty palm to mature.

Metal Plant Stand

Pros and Cons For a Parlor Palm

Sometimes it is good to keep things simple. Getting a parlor palm might help eliminate some of the stresses you would have with other palms. Here are the pros and cons of this type of palm.


  • One thing about a parlor palm is that it is easy to care for.
  • You can water it every 7-10 days, which means you will not have to worry about it dying if you’re away for a few days.
  • An indoor parlor palm also needs less maintenance than one that grows in the wild.
  • Another advantage of keeping it indoors is that it won’t attract bugs or insects.
  • It won’t attract pests such as ants, roaches, flies, bees, beetles, etc.
  • This is great because you don’t want bugs in your house that can cause you to become ill. This is an added benefit of housing this beautiful plant.


  • One drawback of keeping a parlor palm is that it may not grow as well as it does in the wild.
  • You need to provide it with the right amount of light.
  • Another one is that they may or may not flower indoors. I
  • f it does flower, those yellow flowers may be a curse as they spray everywhere.

Final Words on Majesty Palm vs Parlor Palm!

In conclusion, the two palms are both good house plants. However, parlor palms are easier to grow than majesty palms and are therefore easier to maintain and less demanding. However, they are also more prone to infection. Palms can be a great addition to any living or working space, as long as you give them proper care and adequate attention, they will thrive.  So, which is better for you? It depends on your lifestyle and the demands of your hands.


Is majesty palm the same as Parlor Palm?

The first thing I notice about my Parlor Palm and majesty palm are how similar they are. Both are small, palm-sized trees that grow in dry, sandy soil, and both require minimal care to maintain. The difference between the two palms is the leaf shape, color, and height. Although both have rounded leaves, Parlor palms have a much larger leaf base. Parlor palms are native to the rainforest areas of southern Mexico and Guatemala, whereas majesty palms are native to Madagascar.

How do you identify a Parlor Palm?

A parlor palm grows more thick and compact than other types of develop palms. It can be identified by its dense featherly leaves. It may also develop bamboo like ridges on the stem as it grows.

What kind of palm is a majesty palm?

A majestic palm is what is referred to as a feather palm due to the long narrow leaves that they have, which have a featherlike appearance.

Is a parlor palm a true palm?

The answer is yes. the parlor palm is classified as a true palm. If given ideal growing conditions, they can grow to very tall beautiful trees.

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