9 Amazing Plants That Look Like Peace Lily

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Last Updated on August 29, 2022 by Griselda M.

The peace lily is typically a member of the genus Spathiphyllum. Several other plants have a pretty close resemblance to these beautiful plants. In this article, we will look at a few excellent examples of plants that look like peace lily, or at least a bit like them.

What is a Peace Lily?

When we refer to peace lilies we refer to members of the genus Spathiphyllum. This actually means it is not even a lily! These plants are popular house plants because they need very little light. They are also really easy to care for – you do not need to water them a lot and they just sit there and look pretty with very little effort. The biggest problem I have ever had with them is always overwatering.

The most common Peace Lilies are quite unusual in that the flowers actually look like they are made out of plastic. I love these plants and find that they add a lovely element of fantasy to little corners of the garden and make great potted plants too.

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Are There Different Types Of Peace Lily Plants?

There are 47 species of Spathiphyllum or peace lily. In addition to this, many of the more popular species have had multiple cultivars bred from them that have slightly different growth appearances.

This high diversity of peace lily species and cultivars means that there are a confusing number of plants you may end up trying to buy at your nursery that is labeled as “peace lilies”.

 plant similar to peace lily

9 Amazing Plants That Look vaguely Like a Peace Lily

1. Pothos

Also called the vine or fiddle-leaf, this plant features thick, dark green foliage covered in soft white or cream-colored flowers and long, delicate tendrils. Cannabis is legal in many parts of the world now, and it is possible that combining edibles with plant identification could result in you confusing a peace lily with a pothos plant.

2. Dracaena

This plant’s greenish-gray leaves are vaguely shaped like lily pads, and the white or yellowish flower clusters can be seen in the center. Again, in the early stages of gardening, you can be forgiven for confusing a Dracaena with a Peace lily. If however after two to three years this tendency continues it is nature’s way of suggesting another hobby.

3. Strelitzia

This striking plant features thick, dark green foliage and bright orange or red blooms. The leaf structure is ever so vaguely similar to a peace lily – mainly both contain chlorophyll.

4. Ivy

The ivy plant is a climbing species. The leaf structure is more heart-shaped than the peace lily.

5. Anthurium

I bought a red anthurium for the most important person in my life – twice – and both of them I actually thought were red peace lilies! On doing the research for this article I now have learned that I had misidentified what I bought.

6. Calla lilly

There are some vague similarities between these two plants. You could get them slightly confused if you are just starting out on gardening. With time this will dissipate.

7. Monstera

The delicious monster has some vague similarities with the peace lily when it is small. As this plant gets bigger these vanish and you will not be able to confuse the two.

8. Snake Plant

Snake plants are a type of indoor plant that can grow as tall as 2 feet. There is very little chance that you could confuse this with a peace lily. But strange things do happen.

9. Epipremnum aureum

Epipremnum aureum is a very popular houseplant. This plant has a leaf structure that is vaguely similar and flowers that have some elements of similarity with a peace lily.

Final Words On Plants That Look Like Peace Lily!

There are really not many pants you can confuse with a peace lily. The most likely would be the Anthurium or the Calla lily. Pretty much any other of the other plants suggested here could maybe catch you when you just start gardening, but with time you will learn not to make these mistakes.

I tend to buy plants because they look nice, and the names are just a bonus that helps you find information on how to help them grow. In this regard, I have learned today, while writing this article, that I had in fact thought an Anthurium was a peace lily! We all learn every day.


Is an anthurium the same as a Peace Lily?

No these are two distinct plant genera.

Are there 2 types of peace lilies?

There are many species of peace lily - 47 in total, and many of these species have multiple cultivars that have been bred.

How do I identify a Peace Lily?

The easiest method is to look at the distinctive flower and leaves. The closes genus you could confuse a peace lily with is the anthurium - which has more veins in its leaves.

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