The Top Best Rat Poison That Kills Without Odor

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Last Updated on December 17, 2022 by Griselda M.

If you have rats in your home, using rat poison that kills without odor is the best solution to eliminating these destructive pests.  This type kills the rats but, unlike others, does not leave behind a trail of smelling dead rats.

The biggest problem that most people face is the strong unpleasant smell of rodenticides, not forgetting the dead rat smell that follows the poisoning. With this in mind, we help you find the mouse poison that kills without odor so you can eliminate all rodents without the hassle.

How Is Dead Rat Odor Eliminated?

You might be wondering how certain mouse poisons can kill rats without leaving a trail of foul odor.  Here is how these poisons kill mice without smell works.

When rats ingest these poisons and die, the poison remains active in their systems, quickly absorbing all the water remaining in their bodies.  When this happens, it leads to the rat’s carcass mummifying, thus causing a significant reduction in the odor produced.

Mummified rats do not decompose quickly as they don’t have adequate moisture within the dead carcass to speed up the decomposition process.  This makes it tolerable to deal with these mice and have their dead bodies removed from wherever they might have hidden.

How Is Dead Rat Odor Eliminated

The Most Prominent Rat Poison That Kills Without Odor

The market is flooded with rat poisons, making it hard for a buyer to choose the exact one easily.  Before heading out or ordering the best rat poison, you ought to find out how helpful it is and if it leaves a trail of lousy odor after killing the rats.

Some of the top best rat poisons you can use without fearing the pungent odor that will follow include RatX, Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait, Farman Just One Bite II, and Contrac Blox rodenticide.  These rat poisons have one thing in common – they are rat poisons that kill without odor. To have an idea of how they work, let’s look at each of them.

The Top Best Mouse Poison That Kills Without Smell

RatX All-Natural Non-Toxic Rat Poison 

RatX is one of the best rat poisons that you use to ensure no odors will be present from rat decomposition.  When a rat ingests this poison, it causes it to lose the urge to drink water. The absence of water in the rat’s body causes dehydration and eventual death.

RatX is a specially formulated rodent food mix that gradually and humanely kills rats once ingested. It is an excellent choice as it is efficient, effective, and ecologically friendly in rodent elimination.

This poison is safe to use around pets, humans, livestock, and wildlife because it is naturally derived and completely poison-free. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it does not cause secondary deaths.


  • Efficient to use
  • Leaves no traces of bad smell
  • Kills the rodents in a humane manner
  • It does not allow secondary deaths


  • You might need to add it to peanuts or some other attractive food for some rats to eat.
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Kaput Rat and Mouse Bait

The Kaput Rat and Mouse bait use warfarin as the main ingredient to kill rats and other rodents.  It can also kill squirrels, rabbits, voles, and other wildlife, so use it with caution.

For best results, this poison should be used inside for best results within 50 feet of coverage.  Place about 2 to 8 packs of this poison at least 15 to 30 feet distance and keep the baits filled for 10 consecutive days.

Kaput rat and mouse bait have a loose green grain that is palatable to rats.  It mimics the natural grains and seeds usually found in the wild to reduce bait shyness. This poison can last up to 3 years if stored all sealed up.


  • It stays potent for about 3 years if kept sealed
  • It gives minimal secondary poisoning toxicity


  • This poison may not work on warfarin-resistant rats or mouse species, but it works on most of them.
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Farman Just One Bite II

Farman Just One Bite II is an intelligent choice to go for when eliminating all rodents. Like its name, it kills rats with just one bite!  It has bromadiolone as its active ingredient and is a 2nd generation anticoagulant that kills rats fast.

Besides the poison, the Farman chunks contain seeds and grains that make them attractive to the rats. Each piece comes with a hole to use in bait stations and suspend them with a wire. Upon the bait installation, you will start seeing results of dead rats in 4 or 5 days.

This poison kills both the young and old rats and eliminates the foul stench that follows. Overall, it’s an excellent poison to use around homes and agricultural buildings.


  • Its chunks have holes to hold in the bait station
  • Discourages bait shyness


  • It cannot be shipped to California due to local restrictions.
  • Not effective against voles.
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Contrac Blox Rodenticide

Contrac  Blox is one of the best rodenticides you need to get those rats eliminated from your property.  It is made from food-grade ingredients and a small amount of paraffin to make it edible to rodents.

It works in both wet and dry conditions giving you a guaranteed kill.  Contrac is a single-dose anticoagulant that kills rodents from just one feeding.   This poison has bromadiolone as its primary ingredient mixed with rat food to make it attractive.

This poison is highly effective in warfarin-resistant rats ending the infestation instantly. It is less toxic to non-target animals and does not promote secondary deaths. In case of ingestion, it can be contained by purchasing an antidote from drugstores. It is an all-weather poison that will keep eliminating these destructive animals throughout the year.


  • All-weather formula working both in dry and wet conditions
  • It has a food-grade base ingredient
  • It does not kill secondary deaths


  • It cannot be shipped to California
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When is The Best Time to Put Rat Poison Down?

This will depend on the climate in your area. Rat populations increase explosively in spring – this is when I normally have my first campaign of baiting to eliminate the first generations of spring. If you get this right, you will enter summer with a low rat population, and the potential for an explosion in population is less.

Towards fall, you will often find that rats move into your roof, and start looking for lovely warm places to hide during winter. I tend to put poison out in a ring of bait boxes in my garden in spring, and then again as needed through summer. I put a small bait station on the roof of my house. In the fall, I put a larger amount of poison on the roof. I also do a mop-up baiting campaign in the garden.

Does Old Rat Poison Work?

This will depend on the type of poison. There is such a huge range of poison types on the shelves, and each has a different mode of toxicity. Generally, the most toxic poisons – the ones that contain toxic salts and metals are toxic pretty much indefinitely, whereas the more modern rat poisons that contain anti-coagulants, or vitamin overdoses, work for a shorter period of time.

I collect unused rat poison at the end of a campaign and dispose of it in my fire. I then take the ash, put it in a bucket, and allow it to completely go out (a week or so), and then I put this ash in a bag and dispose of it in the municipal waste. It seems to me that the cost of the poison is low, and the cost of rat damage is high, so trying to save money by using stale rat poison is a largely false economy.

What Form Does Rat Poison Come in?

There are many different forms. It can come as pellets, as small wax blocks, or as treated grain. This will depend on the target rodents (rat, mouse or vole, etc). I prefer the wax block types baits as these can be placed in a bait station, and the rat will normally go and gnaw at the block, and not be able to take the whole block away.

Some rodents will move poison away from the station, and this is risky as you do not know where they will store it – and this could result in accidental poisoning of some other non-target animal.

What Does Rat Poisoning Taste Like?

By this question let us assume you want to know what rat poison tastes like. A lot of commercial preparations are treated with agents to make them unpalatable to humans and pets. These compounds are generally very bitter and taste exceptionally bad.

Generally, it is completely unadvisable to taste rat poison – if you do feel the urge to do this seek professional help – first from a poisons center, and subsequently from a psychologist or similar mental health care professional.

How Long Does it Take For a Rat to Die After it Eats Poison?

This will depend on the rat species and the type of poison. Generally, work for about a week to 10 days on average for most poisons. Some kill the rats a bit faster, and in my experience, some do nothing at all. I once thought I would do the right thing and use eco-friendly rat poison. This did not kill the rats at all. It just gave them free food.

I have found that after rats have been poisoned, they tend to become inactive after 3 days or so – many rodenticides cause rats to become lethargic. This causes them to still be alive, but be very disorientated and weird. 

How to Get Rid of Rat Poison Smell?

Rat poisons are now generally formulated to have very little smell. The smell of dead rats on the other hand may be what you are referring to. Old types of rat poison often cause rats to go and crawl into a dark space and then die.

They putrefy here and release very horrible smells. More modern rat poisons tend to cause the rat to become dehydrated,  and in this regard, they tend to just dry out into little mummified rats. These do not stink as much.

If I have put rat poison out, I am always on the lookout for dazed rats. If you see these, smack them with a shovel and dispose of them! This saves unpleasant smell incidents from occurring.

Does Dog Food Neutralize Rat Poison?

No. There are such a wide variety of rat poisons out there, and each has a different mode of action. If you suspect poisoning of yourself, a child, another adult, a pet, or any other non-target creature, take the rat poison label, or if you do not have that, a sample of the poison, and contact the local poisoning experts. Depending on where you are, there is normally a poisoning hotline – if you are struggling to find a number and googling it does not help, contact a veterinary clinic. Vets always know who to speak to about accidental poisonings.


If you are looking for a rat poison that kills without odor, you now know what you can look for in the market.  It is essential that you read all the safety precautions before opening or using any of these rat poisons.


What chemical compound works well to kill rats without a smell?

Odorless rat poisons are a type of poison that does not smell like any natural thing in nature. They are used to kill rodents such as rats and mice. This is a good way to get rid of these pests because they don't smell anything when they die. Odorless rat poisons are the best option for killing rodents, especially in areas that are home to children.

There are several types of odorless rat poisons, and they have different uses depending on their ingredients. For example Fipronil is the active ingredient found in most of the odorless rat poisons. It is a pesticide that is used in rodenticides. It is usually applied on the bait or food to kill the rodent. Fipronil works by paralyzing the nervous system of the rodent.

1. This causes the rodent to lose the ability to move.

2. Moxidectin Moxidectin is a parasite drug that kills all life stages of parasites. It has been shown to be very effective against both adult and juvenile fleas, ticks, and mites. It is used to control both indoor and outdoor pests.

3. Imidacloprid Imidacloprid is an insecticide used to control insects such as ants, fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ticks.

Are odorless rat poisons worth it?

There are many reasons why odorless rat poisons are better than traditional poisons. Traditional poisons are poisonous and can cause severe harm to people and animals. The toxicity of these poisons is dependent on the type of poison used, the dosage, and how much is consumed. These toxins can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, respiratory distress, kidney failure, and even death. The toxicity of the poison is also affected by the size of the rodent.

Odorless Rat Poisons Unlike traditional rat poisons, odorless rat poisons are safe for use around people and pets. There are also no reported cases of poisoning when using odorless rat poisons. Odorless rat poisons do not cause nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea in people or pets. Odorless rat poisons can be used with pets, children, and pregnant women. When used correctly, odorless rat poisons are a safe way to kill rats without causing harm to people and animals.

Odorless rat poisons are the safest, most humane, and effective way to kill rats. They do not have any smell or taste that would alert the rats to their presence. In fact, they look like food or dirt. You can place them in areas where you want to keep rodents out, such as your garage, shed, barn, or other storage area. Odorless rat poisons kill rodents quickly without causing harm to pets or people.

What chemical compound works well to kill rats without a smell?

Glutaraldehyde is a chemical compound which is also used in many household products such as disinfectant, laundry detergent and stain remover. It is an effective way to get rid of mice. It is also the best mouse killer without the smell.

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