Tomcat Mouse Poison Review – All You Need To Know

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We have compiled a review of Tomcat mouse poison that will enlighten you on the advantage of using poison to eliminate mice and rats.

Rodents like rats and mice are not good pests to have because they link to many health risks such as the Black Death. They transmit over 35 diseases and these illnesses can be transferred to humans directly or through handling dead or alive rodents.

Contact with rodent feces, urine, saliva, or rodent bites is enough to transmit these diseases.  These diseases can also be spread indirectly via ticks, mites, or fleas after feeding on infected rodents. Some of these diseases include rat-bite fever, plague, salmonellosis, and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

How To Eliminate Rodents With Mouse Poison

Rodents need to be eliminated from the home and its surrounding areas.  There are so many options to do so but it can be quite difficult to know and choose the right method.

To help you a little, we enlighten you about one method – using poisons.  Poisons work well especially when rats and mice are numerous and have become suspicious of mechanical traps.  In times like this, you don’t have an alternative other than using poison to eliminate them.

How To Eliminate Rodents With Mouse Poison

Modern poison formulas are based on either the disruption of the nervous system or anticoagulant properties.  Once ingested, anticoagulants cause internal bleeding causing the mouse’s system to go into shock due to blood loss.  The mouse feels no pain and succumbs within no time.

Poisons that target the rodent’s nervous system rapidly shut down the creature’s ability to function, and consequently tend to be fast-acting.

As you administer these poisons, you must exercise caution and care to keep them away from pets, children, and other wildlife so they don’t consume them.  Always wear gloves when distributing the poison and wash your hands with soap and water after that.

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Tomcat Products

Tomcat comes to our rescue by manufacturing a full line of products that control rodents solving the issue efficiently and thoroughly.  Their products are tougher than a barnyard cat in controlling the infestation of rats and mice.

These products have high reviews on Amazon and other selling platforms with many people using these products for successful elimination.

The company’s goals are to provide an extensive collection of modern rodent control and elimination products.  Most of their products use newer-generation rodenticides therefore highly effective.

No matter the problem you are facing from the infestation of rodents, Tomcat promises to get the job done in an easy way that does not require much work.

Tomcat Rat Poison Review

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail – 4 Pounds Container


  • Affordable price – under $30 for a whole 4-pound bucket
  • Unique block shape with edges preferred by rodents that like to gnaw
  • Excellent for people who want to use bromethalin – Bromethalin is a highly potent rodenticide that provides lethal effects to rodents in a single dose.  It is not an anticoagulant but rather a nervous system-type poison.
  • Formulated with an excellent blend of ingredients and low wax content for maximum effects
  • Works faster with results in 24 to 36 hours
  • You may reuse it in the Tomcat Mouse Bait Station several times
  • Mold and moisture resistance – can be useful in all types of weather whether indoors or outdoors
  • Contains holes that help secure it using nails or wire to keep it in the rat station only
  • Rodents are not able to feed after eating a toxic dose so you can control more rodents with less bait
  • Kills house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats
  • For use in agricultural and rural settings
  • A proven combination of effective control and palatability
  • Suitable for long-term control of rat populations


  • Not available in smaller packaging
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The 4-pound container carries about 64 chunks of Tomcat’s Bait Chunx.  This is a lot of supply of rat poison to help you eliminate as many rats as possible.  These are all-weather chunks that do not get moldy or allow moisture to penetrate inside them. They can be reused in rat stations for long-term control of rat populations.

This poison is manufactured in the USA, tested, and passed.  It is best for eliminating roof rats, house mice, and Norway rats which are highly resistant to some types of rodenticides.

This poison works magic on some resistant rats and it is lethal with only one dose while other poisons need several feedings before they work.

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How Long Does it Take For Mice to Die After Eating Tomcat?

Tomcat contains Bromethalin – this poison kills rats in 1-2 days due to it being neurotoxic. This is a lot faster than traditional anti-coagulant rat poisons. The advantage of Tomcat is the quick knockdown effect – the disadvantage is that animals die so fast that they do not get time to dehydrate, and the result is that they can stink a bit if you do not remove the corpses.

Who Makes Tomcat Rat Poison?

Motomco is owned by Bell laboratories according to the Safety Data Sheet. The factory is based in Madison, Wisconsin. The company specializes in the production of various baits to target vertebrate pests.

How to Dispose of Tomcat Mouse Poison?

Generally, the best way to find out this is to check the Safety Data sheet approved by the EPA. It appears that the best method is to place the old bait in a container and dispose of it at a waste disposal site (send it to the town rubbish dump) and to dispose of used containers in the trash or incinerate them where legal.

In many cases, people believe that washing a plastic container that was used for storing poisonous substances will remove those. Sadly, plastics often absorb poisons and will leach these into the things stored in washed containers after this happens. Poison containers tend to be very well made, and many people have a temptation to wash and use these containers. Bearing in mind the above information, it is best to just dispose of the containers.

This is an interesting article explaining how plastics actually absorb toxins.

Will Tomcat Poison Kill Squirrels?

There is a possibility that squirrels could eat rat poison such as Tomcat, and if they do, it will kill them. This is not desirable as squirrels are not the target pest. Killing squirrels this way is illegal in many areas and if it is proven that you did kill a squirrel, even by mistake, it can incur a fine.

To avoid this occurring it is important to use the correct bait stations. Tomcat Bait Chunx is made with a hole in the middle allowing them to be firmly attached to an anchor point in the traps. This means that the trap can be made so that the size of the crawl space is large enough to allow rats and mice in, but small enough to exclude many squirrel species. Placing the trap in places where rats and mice are most likely to come in contact with the poison, and where squirrels do not frequent, also allows one to limit the risk of exposure to squirrels.

Conclusion About Tomcat Mice Poison Review

Be sure you use rat stations when administering rat poison.  This is because rat poison is small enough for larger pets like cats and dogs to get into them.  This will keep your pets from ingesting the poison or coming into contact with either the poison or the dead rat.

These poisons can kill your pets and wildlife if left exposed so use caution as you administer this poison and others. 


Does Tomcat mouse poison really work?

Tomcat mouse poison is a common product that is sold at hardware stores and online. It is made from the rodenticide warfarin, which is derived from a natural chemical found in the liver of the gopher snake. Gophers are rodents, and so this rodenticide is safe for them. The theory is that they will ingest it, and it will kill them.

However, the warfarin does not just kill the gophers. It also kills their predators. This includes all birds of prey, as well as foxes, bobcats, coyotes, and other mammals. So, when you buy the poison, you are not just poisoning your gophers, but all of the wildlife around you as well.

How long does Tomcat mouse poison last?

Tomcat mouse poison will not last for too long. However, it is best to be cautious when using any product that contains a toxin to an animal. For example, if you are trying to get rid of a mouse infestation in your home, then you should be very careful about what kind of mouse poison you use.

How effective is Tomcat mouse poison?

Tomcat mouse poison is a very effective way to get rid of mice. It has been used for many years by farmers and pest control companies to control rodents, including mice, rats and moles. In fact, the pesticide is also known as rat-poison and mole-poison. This substance was first developed in the early 1970s and it has since become one of the most widely used pesticides on the market today.

Tomcat mouse poison is an effective rodenticide that works by paralyzing the central nervous system. It contains several chemicals that can be fatal to mice and rats. The active ingredient in Tomcat mouse poison is a compound called brodifacoum.

What are routes of exposure for Tomcat mouse poison?

The most common route of exposure to Tomcat mouse poison is through eating it, or accidentally ingesting it through contaminated food or water. Poisoned rodents may also come into contact with the poison when they are poisoned themselves, or by licking it off of their fur.

Ingestion Ingesting Tomcat mouse poison can cause severe, sometimes fatal, internal bleeding. Poisoned rodents may vomit and have diarrhea. They may also become weak, lose their appetite, and develop tremors and seizures. Some rodents die within minutes of consuming the poison, while others may survive for days or weeks.

Poisoned rodents are most likely to eat seeds, grains, and nuts that they find on the ground. Therefore, it is important to inspect the grounds around your home and other places where you may be storing food.

How long does Tomcat mouse poison last?

It can last up to six months.

Tomcat mouse poison is a highly toxic chemical that is designed to be fatal for rodents. The symptoms of Tomcat mouse poison poisoning are very similar to other rodent poisons like anticoagulant rodenticides, such as warfarin and bromadiolone. These symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, and death.

However, unlike rodenticides, Tomcat mouse poison is not absorbed through the skin and it is not detectable in urine or feces. Therefore, if your pet consumes Tomcat mouse poison, you will not be able to detect it in their system. Although the toxicity of Tomcat mouse poison is high, it does not pose a risk to human health.

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