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Growing Your Spider Plant Too Big

Growing Your Spider Plant Too Big

It is possible to grow your spider plant too big if you provide it with proper growing conditions and environment. If you want to grow a spider plant, it is one of the easiest and best house plants.

The spider plant is a perfect house plant for indoor growing because it will grow in any climate as long as it gets enough sunlight. You can give spider plants to someone who lives in the cold regions of North America or Europe and they will love them as they grow well.

The spider plant is a fast-growing house plant that is easy to grow. It takes only about six weeks for the seed to bloom. And, it’s a small plant that does not require much space.

How To Grow Spider Plant
Sow the seeds!
Sow the seeds!

Grow spider plants in a room that receives plenty of sunlight. A spider plant does not need much sunlight, but it needs bright light. The plant should be in a location where it will get direct sunlight for 12 hours a day. If you cannot provide your spider plant with bright sunlight, then use a light shade.

If you are trying to grow spider plants indoors, make sure th0se house is cool. The room temperature should be 75-80F. The humidity should be about 40-70%.

Spider plants do not need a lot of water. Water them every week or two to ensure that the soil is moist. Water spider plants in the morning when they are still warm. It is better to water them before they have a chance to dry out.

Spider plants grow best in well-drained soil. If your spider plant has root rot, you will need to change the soil. You can use any type of soil, but use a mix that drains well.

They like full sun and should be given bright light. However, they also do well with indirect sunlight, but they are very sensitive to heat.

So What Makes A Spider Plant Too Big - Watering

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So What Makes A Spider Plant Too Big?

The above conditions are perfect to grow a normal-sized spider plant. However, to grow a spider plant too big, you will provide it with an overwhelming amount of nutrients.


The most important nutrient for spider plants is phosphorus, so try to fertilize your plant with a product containing around 20-30% P. As for potassium, don’t worry, this plant doesn’t need a lot of potassium.

Feeding your spider plant with too much fertilizer both organic and commercial can easily make it grow too big. When you first purchase a spider plant, you’ll want to stick with an organic fertilizer. It’s the best way to feed your plant and will not harm the leaves or roots of your spider plant. Spider plants are known for being very sensitive to the pH level of their soil. If you have a low-pH soil, you should apply a slow-release fertilizer that is balanced for acidic soils.

Consistent Watering

In addition to fertilizing, you should also keep your spider plant’s soil well-drained. Watering too much can cause spider plants to become rootbound. However, watering your plant well will cause it to grow too big.

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Keeping Them From Pest Attacks

Spider plants are not particularly susceptible to pests. The only pests that tend to attack them are scale insects and mealybugs. Mealybugs are small insects that live on the undersides of spider plants’ leaves. They feed by sucking the juices from the leaves. Scale insects are small, oval, and black. They like to hide in crevices or cracks on your spider plant’s leaves. They are most commonly found on the underside of the leaves. You should not remove any pests from your spider plant because doing so could harm your plant’s roots.

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Repotting And Healthy Roots

Spider plants do have a tendency to grow too big. However, it can be difficult to determine when a spider plant has reached its full size. If you notice that your spider plant is growing too big for its pot, it is probably time to re-pot. The only real way to tell if your spider plant needs repotting is to examine its roots. A spider plant with healthy roots should be free and not recoiled. However, if your spider plant’s roots appear to be shrivelled or brown, you may want to re-pot it.


In addition to checking the roots, you may also need to examine the soil in the pot. If the soil appears to be dry and hard, you may want to repot your spider plant. If your spider plant is growing in a pot with soil that is too wet, it could cause root rot.

Final Remarks – How To Grow Spider Plant Too Big

It is possible to grow your spider plant too big by providing it with more nutrients than the normal plant.

If you provide it with too much nitrogen or if you don’t provide enough potassium, the spider plant will begin to die. The most important thing about spider plants is that they can be grown in a pot, but they are also very easy to grow in the garden. They can be easily grown in pots because their roots are not as deep as other plants.


How do I make my spider plant smaller?

In the wild, spider plants are epiphytic and grow in hanging baskets or trees. In the home, they can be grown in a pot with a saucer of water at the bottom and a drainage hole in the middle to allow excess water to drain. In this case, it is best to repot every two years. It is also important to keep your spider plants watered regularly.

Should I cut the runners off my spider plant?

The runners are the stems that grow from the lower leaves and they should be allowed to develop. If you remove them, your spider plant will become too top-heavy.

How do you split an overgrown spider plant?

If your spider plant is getting out of hand, you may want to take some time to think about what you really want to achieve. You may want to prune it back in order to control the growth of the plant and to improve its overall appearance. If you would like to grow a new spider plant, you can do so by taking cutting off the leafy stem from the original plant. You can then plant this cutting in a pot with a saucer of water at the bottom and a drainage hole in the middle to allow excess water to drain.

How big should a spider plant be?

You can grow a small spider plant or a large one. The size of your spider plant will depend on how much sunlight your plant receives, as well as the amount of space that you have available for it. It may be possible to find a larger pot than the one you currently have if you look around.