6 Reasons Why White Spots Appear On Aloes

There are a few reasons why you have white spots on aloes and we will look at all of them in this article to help you diagnose your own plant problems.

1. Exposure To Too Much Direct Sun

Sunlight is great for the growth of the aloe plant but too much sun is a bad thing.

The opposite of too much sun is fatal to this plant too. 

2. Limited Sun Exposure – White Spots On Aloes

3. Sudden Change In Temperature

This happens because the sudden change of temperature causes havoc in the delicate ecosystem of the plant.

Aloe plants need water to effectively grow.  

4. Too Much Water

Fertilizer enriches the soil, boosts nutrients level, and ensures your plant is thriving.

5. Too Much Fertilizer – White Spots On Aloes

6. Lack Of Enough Nutrients

If you don’t feed your soil with enough nutrients, it’s possible to get white spots on aloes. 

It will take day-to-day caring for your plant not some high-tech methods to eliminate these white patches.

6 Reasons Why White Spots Appear On Aloes

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