What Do White Spots On Aloes Mean?

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Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Cristina

There are a few reasons why you have white spots on aloes and we will look at all of them in this article to help you diagnose your own plant problems.

There are several causes for discoloration in aloe plants, but don’t let that worry you.  You can save your plant from dying if you pay attention to these causes as early as you notice them.

Why Do White Spots On Aloes Appear?

Aloe vera is an easy plant to grow and maintain.  They thrive even in difficult weather except in the winter cold weather that kills them with frost.

White spots on aloes are very visible and could be caused by one or more of the following reasons.

1. Exposure To Too Much Direct Sun

Sunlight is great for the growth of the aloe plant but too much sun is a bad thing.  If you grow your aloe plant under too much sun, it will be affected little by little. The leaves will begin to look pale and develop white patches.  Additionally, too much sunlight can dry the soil making it hard for the plant to absorb the nutrients in the soil.  This is common in potted plants more than in the ones growing in the garden.

Exposure To Too Much Direct Sun

2. Limited Sun Exposure – White Spots On Aloes

The opposite of too much sun is fatal to this plant too. All plants need sunlight to grow, however, they need a certain amount of sunlight to carry out photosynthesis properly.  Adequate sunlight also provides enough chlorophyll content that leads to leaves and stems getting a beautiful green color. If your aloe plant is not receiving enough sunlight, it will turn pale and develop white spots that spread all over with time.  The plant may also experience stunted growth as it will not be able to take in the nutrients from the soil.

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3. Sudden Change In Temperature

If you were growing your aloe plant in the ideal location where it has perfect sun and general atmosphere, a sudden change in temperature whether hot or cold can cause white spots on aloes.  This happens because the sudden change of temperature causes havoc in the delicate ecosystem of the plant.

4. Too Much Water

Aloe plants need water to effectively grow.  Too much water is a problem for your aloe plant as it is will cause the leaves to become flaccid with white patches all over. You should keep your plant well-watered but don’t overdo it as the aloe plant will start to die slowly.

5. Too Much Fertilizer – White Spots On Aloes

Fertilizer is important to plants, however, if you give your plant too much, you are not helping it but rather damaging it.  Fertilizer enriches the soil, boosts nutrients level, and ensures your plant is thriving. Fertilizer build-up in the soil affects the quality of the soil causing white spots.

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6. Lack Of Enough Nutrients

If you don’t feed your soil with enough nutrients, it’s possible to get white spots on aloes.  Poor soil mix does not encourage proper growth in your aloe plants.  You will need to provide nutrients like magnesium and nitrogen that are essential for growth.

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How To Eliminate The White Spots On Aloes

Now that we know what causes white spots on aloes, it’s important to learn how to fix these problems.  The above reasons why your aloe gets white spots are reasons enough to help you know how to fix the problems.  Here is how to do it:

  • Strike a balance between the amount of sun and water you provide your plant with. Avoid exposing your plant to too much sun, especially around 12 pm to 3 pm.  This leads to the plant’s leaves drying.  If you are keeping your plant under direct sunlight, move it when the sunlight gets too hot. A smart way would be to grow the plant in a pot, or under a shade.
  • Overwatering should be fixed by watering your aloe plant the right way.  Have a schedule for watering your plants rather than doing it haphazardly. Remove excess soils in soil by watering it adequately. Never leave your soil to dry for too long as it will deplete of its necessary nutrients.
  • Use pure mineral-free water when watering your aloe plant and other plants to avoid mineral build-up. Avoid using tap water as it contains a lot of chlorine and other minerals that can build up in the soil for long.
  • Ensure the soil you use for growing your aloe plant is well-drained and rich enough. Do not over-fertilize your soil especially when growing aloe plants.  The best fertilizer to use is compost manure which is a slow-release to this plant as it grows.
  • If you have to apply any fertilizer to your aloe, do so at least once a month.  Use liquid fertilizer to give your plant a boost.
How To Eliminate The White Spots On Aloes

Finally, White Spots On Aloes

So you now know what it means to have white spots on aloes and how to eliminate them with ease.  It will take day-to-day caring for your plant not some high-tech methods to eliminate these white patches.

The earlier you notice them and deal with them, the better the survival rate for your aloe plant.  Aloe vera is easy to grow and maintain and you should not allow such small problems to worry you.  These are just a few gardening problems that every gardener goes through.


How do I remove white spots from my aloe?

You are only able to remove these spots by taking good care of your aloe plant right from the beginning of its growth period.

How do I get rid of white spots on my aloe plant?

It is easy to get rid of white spots by providing the plant with the right growing conditions and requirements.

Is aloe vera with white spots edible?

In most cases, the leaves with white spots are edible unless they have another condition that causes them to rot or die.  

What is the white stuff on the aloe vera plant?

The white stuff on the aloe vera plant can be a fungal infection on plant or the white spots caused by poor growing conditions.

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