9 Different Flower Names In Spanish From Spain

If you long to replicate the Spaniards’ style of filling your garden with colorful blooms, here are the perfect Spanish flower names and types.

1. Red Carnations – Claveles Rojos

Carnations are the national flower of this country, but the red carnation holds a deeper meaning. 

Spaniards found beauty in the flowers preceding the juicy fruit and made them their official flower. 

2. Pomegranate Flower – Flor De Granada

3. Sunflowers – Girasoles

Ancient Spaniards were convinced that these beautiful flowers were made of gold! 

Gazania flowers, known as the African daisies, acclimated perfectly to the dry Spanish gardens.

4. Gazania Flower – Flor de Gazania

Lantana Camara or Spanish flag lantana is a colorful shrub that grows up to 6 feet and features aromatic blooms. 

5. Lantana (same in Spanish)

6. Bougainvillea – Bugambilia

One of the hardest Spanish flower names to pronounce is the Bougainvillea.

7. Valencia Red Rose – Rosa Roja de Valencia

Roses are among the favorite flowers in Spain, but the Valencia red rose is something special.

If you’re indecisive, use our list of Spanish flowers names to see which ones suit your zone. 

9 Different Flower Names In Spanish From Spain

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