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A Guide On How Often To Water Geraniums

How often to water geraniums is the kind of information most gardeners seek to know when growing these beautiful flowers indoors or outdoors.

So How Often To Water Geraniums?

Let nobody lie to you that they have an exact answer of how often you should water your geraniums because there are many determinants.

Watering geraniums is dependent on the zone you are growing them and the local weather conditions.  Different geranium varieties have slightly different watering requirements.

Watering Geraniums

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Watering Geraniums

Overwatering:  This is one of the most common mistakes gardeners make when they start growing geraniums.  Underwatering. If you are afraid of overwatering your growing geraniums, you might end up giving them inadequate water. 

The best time of day to water geraniums is early morning to ensure your plants remain hydrated the whole day.

The Best Time To Water Geraniums

Again, due to the many factors affecting the watering schedule, we cannot give the exact time geraniums can go without water.  However, on a general view, geraniums should never be allowed to wilt or the sun to become bone dry to be watered.

How Long Can Geraniums Stay Without Water?

As you can see, there are quite a few critical things to learn about how often to water geraniums.  Following these tips will help you keep your plants well-watered throughout their growing seasons.


A Guide On How Often To Water Geraniums