A Guide to Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Turning Red?

You have planted a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes (which are technically a fruit). However, you’re faced with a problem: They simply won’t turn red. This is a common issue that occurs when the environment is not right for your tomatoes to ripen and go from being hard and green to succulent, juicy, and scarlet. 

There are numerous reasons why tomatoes aren’t ripening, but the two main culprits tend to be the weather and the soil. If you live in an environment that has been experiencing weather hotter than usual, then it will take a long time for tomatoes to turn red. 

Why Aren’t my Tomatoes Turning Red?

How to Ripen Off the Vine

Tomatoes can be turned from green to red quickly and easily when brought indoors and exposed to the proper conditions. Before picking the tomatoes, though, be sure to give them a little squeeze.

Once you have brought your green tomatoes indoors, you can also encourage ethylene production and exposure by placing the fruit next to ripening bananas. Tomatoes and bananas both produce ethylene, and bananas that are browning tend to be some of the largest producers. If you have stubborn tomatoes, you can always place a banana in the bowl of tomatoes and leave it overnight.

Tomatoes and Bananas?

Can You Encourage Ripening?

You maybe struggling to turn your tomatoes red outdoors. And have already made corrections to the soil, you might need to find a way to adjust the temperature. Bringing the fruit indoors is typically the best option, but you ...

A Guide to Why Aren’t My Tomatoes Turning Red?

If you live in a cold area, bring the fruit indoors and allow the tomatoes to ripen on the counter. If it’s too hot, all you have to do is wait. The tomatoes will ripen at their own pace, and you will soon be able to enjoy delicious salads and sauces.