All You Need To Know About Roots Of Ferns

Do you know the roots of ferns have a central region of xylem just like normal roots,  surrounded by phloem, cortex, epidermis, and endodermis and covered with cuticles? 

Roots Of Ferns

The roots of ferns are called rhizoids. It is the longest root type and is used for nutrient uptake.

Primary roots are the most common type of fern roots. 

Primary Roots

Secondary roots are also called adventitious roots and they are also responsible for the growth of the plant.

Secondary Roots

Structure Of Fern Roots

Fern roots consist of three main parts: Rhizoid, cortex, and xylem. These are the three main parts of the root system.

The rhizoids are the longest roots and they are responsible for the uptake of nutrients. The cortex is the next largest part of the root. Xylem is the innermost part of the root and it is responsible for water and nutrient transport. 

Caring for roots for ferns and other plants that are in full sun is no easy task. To protect the roots from too much moisture, it’s important to keep the soil dry.

Caring For Roots Of Ferns

This article demystifies all the info about the roots of ferns and their needs to thrive.  Ferns are the most ancient plants on earth. 


All You Need To Know About Roots Of Ferns