Benefits Of Birds For Your Garden And Lawn

Many people love bird watching and listening to them sing. However, birds are more than just a nice sight to behold.  Understanding the benefits of birds for your garden will help you maintain a beautiful yard.

Controlling the Bug Population

Many birds will feast on a variety of different bugs that you will find in your lawn and garden. They will eat mosquitoes, spiders, grubs, and beetles. Not only do these bugs bother you, but they can also eat plants in your garden.

Large birds, like hawks and owls, can help keep these annoying rodents from getting into your house. They also help keep the squirrel, vole, and other small critter populations under control.

Controlling the Rodent Population

Having birds in your lawn and garden, like sparrows and finches, will help keep your weeds under control. They are great at landscaping and will help keep unwanted weeds at bay. 

Controlling Weeds


Birds are wonderful pollinators. As they fly between different flowers and plants, they pick up pollen and spread it. Hummingbirds especially are great at pollinating.

Birds are not only helpful in preserving your lawn and garden, but they are also educational. By watching birds in your lawn and garden, you can learn about different species, migration patterns, and nesting. You will be surprised by how many different types of birds you can find in your yard. 


Benefits Of Birds For Your Garden And Lawn

If you want to have birds in your lawn and garden, it is important to make sure they feel welcome. Providing adequate food, water, and shelter will attract birds to your yard. Planting native flowers will also help attract birds.