Best Time of the Day to Water Lawn

Even though the entire luxury, freshness and greenery of your lawn are hinged on watering, photosynthesis is another factor to be considered. Yes, you might be watering your lawn sufficiently, but it could get frustrating to still have a dry and yellowish appearance. Do you want to know the reason? You are watering rightly but at the wrong time of the day. That’s the chief causal factor of your problem up there.

Best Time Of The Day To Water Is In The Morning

Before mid-day, evaporation is kept at a minimal or even negligible rate due to lowered temperatures and land breezes. Given that evaporation is heightened by the scorching heat of the sun when it attains its zenith at mid-day, when you water at mid-day...

There’s an alternative. You can water in the evening when the sun’s energy is gradually dwindling and twilight is approaching. During this time of the day, the sea breeze will blow gradually and humidity will get optimal.

What if I can’t water in the morning?

This should answer the question of “how often should I water my lawn?” Even though the idea of watering daily might seem too ideal, after all, water is life and that’s the most paramount thing, ironically, watering daily might cause the soil to be too loose, succinctly giving birth to a shallow root system. 

Watering Frequency 

Go Easy on Young Lawns For younger lawns, don’t go too hard on them when watering, as this might root up their seeds and cause them to disperse. These lawns are young and feeble, they need to be tendered mildly. Thus, go easy on them with the waters until they are firmly established. 

Precautions When Watering

Best Time of the Day to Water Lawn

Be Consistent or Forget it If you really want to water your turf, then it’s best you do it with both legs in. If you want to leave the watering of your turf at the mercy of rainfall, humidity, dew and every other climatic condition that’s favorable to it, then do it.