Can Basil Be Grown Indoors?

Can basil be grown indoors all year round, or is it only grown outdoors during the months that have no danger of snow?...

Can Basil Be Grown Indoors?

The last thing that any gardener wants is to lose all the flavors of basil because it is the end of the growing season...

There are various ways of growing basil indoors; they include: 1. Growing Basil in a Pot on a Sunny Window Sill 2. Growing your Basil Plant Under a Grow Light with a Grow Tent 3. Growing Basil Indoors Using a Hydroponic System

Various Ways Of How To Plant Basil Indoors

Basil Plant Care Indoors

1. Lighting And Temperature 2. Water And Humidity Requirements 3. Growing Medium 4. Fertilizing 5. Pruning Basil Grown Indoors

This is a big one because basil is a sun-loving plant. If you’re using natural direct sunlight, such as a window sill, you will require an ideal location that receives at least six hours of sunlight...

Lighting And Temperature

Indoor basil plants love to have enough moisture in the soil. You will need to water your basal regularly but not too much. Be sure to drain any excess water sitting in the saucer when you water pot-grown basil. Young seedlings require more water than older ones, so water them more often...

Water And Humidity Requirements

Basal thrives indoors when you use a nutrient-dense potting mix. Potting mix provides proper drainage for your plant, which is not always the case when you’re using soil from your garden.  The potting mix also minimises bringing in garden pests into your home...

Growing Medium

Can basil be grown indoors? Yes, by all means, you can grow basil indoors. Indoor basil plants encounter a few diseases like downy mildew, root rot, bacterial leaf spot, and damping off. The earlier you notice these diseases, the better it is to administer treatment and save your plant.


Can Basil Be Grown Indoors?