When To Prune Basil For The First Time

Do you know when to prune basil for the first time?  With proper pruning techniques, this plant can give enough leaves for a long time.

Growing Basil

When you are ready to grow your own basil, you have 2 options. You can either sow your own seeds and plant them directly or buy transplants. 

Once you sow your seeds, wait for about 7 to 14 days for your seedlings to emerge from the soil. You can transplant your seedlings a week to 2 weeks after germination.  After transplanting, the growth of the plants is almost rapid.

Basil Seedlings

This is a crucial step in the life of basil! Wait until the herb is about 6 inches tall before trimming the leaves.   

Prune Basil For The First Time

Prune Basil For The 2nd Time

On the first stem, leave 2 or 3 leaves ad cut down the last leaves after the previous cut.

What do you require? A basil plant Pruning clippers or a sharp pair of scissors Trimming a basil plant takes only about 15 minutes, but a critical thing to keep in mind. ...

Prune Basil On-Time – The Right Process

Cut the central stem, about a ¼ of an inch above the little branches. This will kill off the central stem and allow the plant to start growing from the side leaves.

Do You Know How To Cut Basil?

Basil produces foliage at a swift pace. It starts with multiple leaves growing from their stems and the basil plants growing as tall as 24-inches in a season.

Basil Active Growth And Flowering

You will need to look out for bolting in your basil plant as soon as you pinch them right away. When a basil plant begins to bolt, it’s ready to flower-sending the available nutrients to the flower and not to the leaves.  

Keep In Mind

If you take proper care of your basil plant, it’s possible to get a 2 months’ worth of basil harvest.


When To Prune Basil For The First Time