Can Poinsettias Be Left Out in The Cold? 

The Poinsettia, native to Mexico is a fine plant with colorful foliage of red and green. Since it bears the bright colors of Christmas, it’s also known as “Christmas Flower”. The poinsettia is a commercially viable plant and derives its name from the first minister of the United States to Mexico, Robert Poinsettia.

Can Poinsettias Be Left Out in the Cold?

When you decide to move the plant outdoors, be wary of certain low temperatures. Any temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit is potentially fatal for the plant. At this temperature, the cold ...

Now the plant is indoors, no thanks to winter who says she can’t stay out in the cold, that’s not all.  You need to place the plant in a shaded or dark portion of your indoor space from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am within October and November.

What’s Next After the Plant is Indoors?

It’s also ideal during this period (when the plant is indoors) to fertilize the plant, even outdoor plants with all of nature’s blessing still need fertilization to thrive, the poinsettia has been deprived of those natural perks and needs a little fertilization to match up.

On Fertilizing the Plant

Some Other Things to Note

In order to keep tabs with the seasons and be conscious of when the first frost arrives so, you can hurry your dear plant indoors, you need to check with your local extension office. Checking with this office affords you the information ...

Can Poinsettias Be Left Out in The Cold? 

The poinsettia plant is one that is sensitive to times and seasons. So weather because an integral factor when it comes to growing it.