How Often Do You Water Poinsettias

One popular holiday plant is poinsettias. With their colorful leaves called bracts, they bring cheerful color to your homes during the winter holidays. Maintaining these poinsettias beauties is not so hard and watering is one way of maintaining poinsettias. Therefore, how often do you water poinsettias?

How Often do You Water Poinsettias

How frequently you water your poinsettia is not so difficult to tell. But first, let’s take a look at ways to determine if a poinsettia needs water.      1. How to Determine if a Poinsettia Needs Water     2. Watering Your Poinsettias

After obtaining your pot of poinsettias, you will need to do some soil testing from time to time to determine if your poinsettia plant needs watering. You will need to insert your finger into the poinsettia soil. When you notice your poinsettias plant is entirely soaked, you should leave the plant alone and check back after a week...

How to Determine if a Poinsettia Needs Water

Poinsettias is a tropical plant, as such, they like their soil to be always moist. However, they don’t like soggy soil. As a house plant, it is important to know the right way to water poinsettias. Note that your poinsettia pot should have at least one drainage hole...

Watering Your Poinsettias

How Often Do You Water Poinsettias

The rate at which you water your poinsettia plant will depend on the following: 1. Size of Potted Plant. 2. Room Temperature: