Causes Of Snake Plant Mushy Leaves

Snake plant mushy leaves are a common problem most gardeners encounter when growing this plant, both indoors and outdoors.

Causes Of Snake Plant Mushy Leaves

– Removing the plant from its pot and cutting off any rotting root – Re-potting it using a fresh potting mix to save the snake plant from dying – Placing your newly re-potted plant where it receives bright indirect light.

Soft, mushy, or squishy leaves or snake plant soggy leave When you feed your snake plant with excess water, substantial damage happens to the leaf cell structure. Due to this excessive water intake, the leaves eventually burst. These leaves end up becoming the popular snake plant mushy leaves – they are soggy, mushy, and squishy.

Signs Of Overwatered Snake Plants

Smelly Soil And Rotting Roots

Root rot is a fungus and bacterial infestation considered dangerous to snake plants. The most common cause of root rot is overwatering -the soil stays in a damp state over extended periods.

Snake plant mushy leaves are enough signs to warn you of overwatering problems and sensitize you to save your plant as fast as possible before it dies.


Causes Of Snake Plant Mushy Leaves