Companion Plants For Okra – Which Ones Are Best?

Okra has a strong love relationship not just with people but also with other plants; actually, companion plants for okra are very many.

Why Companion Planting

Companion planting means pairing plants that thrive together in the same area of the garden.

Okra does well with many different herbs, vegetables, and flowers. It needs plenty of water, so you can plant it alongside other thirsty crops like cucumber and eggplants.

Okra Companion Plants


They love water and rich soil just like okra.  These will grow so well side-by-side and benefit each other. 

These will benefit okra by repelling cabbage worms that can be destructive to okra plants.

Pepper Plants

Just like cucumbers, melons also need plenty of sun and water.  They are a good companion to okra but be sure not to shade the melons too much.


The strong fragrance of basil sends a good number of pests that attack okra away.  


These good okra companion plants attract pollinators that will visit your okra flowers too.  Late summer bloomers like calendula, zinnias, and cosmos are an excellent choice. 

Flowering Annuals

Herbs like chives, chamomile, summer savory, wormwood, coriander, dill, tansy, mint, yarrow, thyme, geranium, hyssop, chervil, sage, rue, and oregano are all beneficial companion plants to okra.

Aromatic Herbs

Plants like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, and other brassica family members grow well with okra.


These flowers are one of the best companion plants that attract pollinators and allows your okra pods to bloom.


These plants attract beneficial insects, like flies, which deters pests like bean beetles and aphids.


Poor Companions For Okra

Most gardeners think that nematodes are beneficial for the garden. However, they forget they are not beneficial to every plant. 

Okra companion planting goes a long way in ensuring you grow your okra and the other plant organically without having to fight pesticides.