Do Asiatic Lilies Bloom All Summer?

Do Asiatic lilies bloom all summer or do they start early and end midway before the sunny season is over or does it last the whole season?

Do Asiatic Lilies Bloom All Summer?

Asiatic lilies have flowers that open towards the sky with blooms that have a wide range of colors.

These lilies grow best in zones 4 through 9 but can still grow in zones 3 but with winter protection. They require well-drained soils or their bulbs will rot.  Plant them in holes that are about 3 times deep as the height of the bulb ...

Care For Asiatic Lilies

Besides the Lilly Asiatic, there are other different types of lilies with a specific bloom time. With careful planning, you can enjoy bloom all summer long by planting different varieties. 

Types Of Lilies And Their Bloom Time

Asiatic Lily

These are common and popular for their early bloom and they are easy to grow.  They bloom from early to midsummer and have beautiful flowers that face upward. 

These beautiful flowers bloom from mid-summer to the end.  They are tall trumpet-like flowers growing that do well in USDA hardiness zones of 5 to 9.  

Trumpet Lilies

This type is the end-of-season plants that bloom mid to late summer just when the Asiatic lilies are fading off. 

Oriental Hybrids

The Asiatic lilies do not last the whole summer but their beauty is attractive enough to make you plant them.