Do Deer Eat Dahlias

If you live in a less urban area, picking the flowers for your garden should always include a wildlife consideration – like do deer eat dahlias. Deer are known to destroy foliage and flowers, which is frustrating.

Why Some Animals Eat Dahlias

They’re easy to grow and require minimum attention. But animals, on the other hand, love them because they’re herbaceous plants. Snails and slugs often munch on the flowers and foliage. 

Dahlias pack a solid amount of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. The stalks have a high fructose content, while the petals are richer in vitamins and fiber.

Do Dahlias Have Any Nutritional Value?

Do Deer Like Dahlias

Deer eat dahlias when all of their other food resources are sparse. You can notice deer destroying your dahlias during spring and summer. It’s the time when some of the adult deer are pregnant and need additional nutrition. It’s also the period when . . .

Dahlias can be deer resistant, especially if you have other more attractive flowers nearby. Roses, tulips, pansies, and lilies are more appetizing to them. Unfortunately, there’s not a dahlia variety that is deer resistant. 

Are Dahlias Deer Resistant?

Calla Lillies – They’re one of the most elegant flowers that bloom in spring and early summer.  Daffodils – The spring flower of hope is not only full of blossom but deer resistant too.  Peonies – The late spring-early summer fragrant blooms are not appealing to deer. Begonia – Their fuzzy stems and wax-coated leaves repel deer.

Which Flowers Do Deer Avoid

Can You Make A Dahlia Deer Resistant:  Plant sage near your dahlias, and the deer won’t go near. Which States Have The Highest Deer Population?: Texas has the largest population of deer, with 4 million of them. Pennsylvania and Mississippi have 34 to 38 deer per square meter density. 

How To Stop Deer From Invading Your Garden

Deer are known to have a broad palate – trying to eat everything in sight. They might not like everything they come across, but they’re sure to take a bite. Dahlias are among their chosen flowers; they’re thirst-quenching and nutritious.

Bottom Line: Do Deer Eat Dahlias

Deer are listed as animals who eat and don’t eat dahlias. It depends on various conditions; lack of food resources, time of year, place, etc.


Do Deer Eat Dahlias