Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Do ferns attract mosquitoes is what we will be discussing in this post. Some plants tend to attract mosquitoes and promote the breeding of mosquitoes while some may even repel mosquitoes.

Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Do ferns attract mosquitoes is the question we would like to answer. In the actual sense, some ferns variety can attract mosquitoes while some other varieties of ferns can even repel mosquitoes.

Fern plants have different species and there are some fern varieties that help can repel mosquitoes.

Fern Repelling Mosquito Variety (Azolla) – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Sweet Fern Repelling Mosquito – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

One fern-like plant that can repel mosquitoes is the sweet fern (Comptonia peregrina).

Be it fern or any other types of plants, there are some conditions that may expose and attract mosquitoes to your plants. But the good news is that there are things you can do to discourage or prevent the mosquito from coming close or breeding in your plant.

How To Reduce Or Prevent The Attraction Of Mosquito To Your Plants – Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?

Even though some fern varieties can attract mosquitoes, you can still minimize or prevent such situations by strictly following a moist free environment for your fern plants. This is because mosquitoes thrive in a moist environment or standing water. 


Do Ferns Attract Mosquitoes?