Do Mint Plants Attract Snakes?

Snakes are legless reptiles, and there are over 3000 species of snake. There are many pieces of wisdom that are passed down from generation to generation about different herbs that chase away snakes.

Firstly, What Do We Mean By Mint?

The causes of the flavor of mint are mainly terpene compounds. The ratio of the different terpenes gives character to the type of mint. 

Snakes are a really diverse group of slithery reptiles. There are snakes that have evolved and adapted to many different environments. 

Secondly, What Do We Mean By Snakes?

What Attracts Snakes?

No, not really. Food attracts snakes. Snakes will be attracted to places where their specific types of food preferences are prevalent. Snakes are predators, and some specialize in eating slugs 

-  Reduce Food Availability Rodent traps are a good starting point. - Put mesh on gates and other places snakes can come in - Snakes are attracted to dark cellar places and the fact that the tumble dryer keeps that nice and warm makes it more attractive. 

What Can We Do To Snake-proof The Yard?

-  Cats - . Cats reduce rats and reduce snake food. Cats also eat snakes. 

What Can We Do To Snake-proof The Yard?

Mint plants are actually quite unpalatable and a lot of the normal things that snakes would eat – rats, mice, slugs, frogs, toads, and the like, are not very fond of being near mint. 


Do Mint Plants Attract Snakes?