Does Creeping Phlox Bloom All Summer? 

Does Creeping phlox bloom all summer or winter, or what season do they flower and display their array of beauty?

Creeping Phlox Bloom Time

Phox are perennials and a favorite choice for many gardeners.  The creeping phlox covers the ground well and blooms in spring and the early part of summer.  The tall phlox blooms in mid to late summer.

Creeping phlox: This is the most common and planted in many homes.  Creeping phlox is called so because it grows close to the ground, crawling and spreading.   Tall Phlox: This variety grows anywhere from 10 inches to 4 feet high.  Tall phlox blooms in summer that is July and August.  There are exceptions of tall phlox that does not bloom in summer.

Varieties of Phlox that Bloom All Summer and Spring

Planting in Fall.  Plant your phlox a few weeks before your first frost falls.  You can keep the plants cool on a deck for a few days until it’s the best time to plant.  But do not let the roots dry out before you plant. Planting in Spring.  If your phlox plant arrives in spring, keep it moist in the container until the ground is ready for planting.  Hold off the spring planting until the ground is easy to work on and the soil is free from melted snow and ice.

When and Where to Plant Phlox

Does Creeping Phlox Bloom All Summer?

We now have a clear answer to the question does creeping phlox bloom all summer.  We know what blooms during summer and what doesn’t.  We know what to plant depending on our needs and zone and when to plant it.