Growing Dill From Seeds -An In-depth Look

Growing dill from seeds can be difficult for some gardeners, even experienced ones who do not really know how to grow this tasty herb.

Growing Dill

Before you start growing dill, there are a couple of things you should know.

First, dill is a cool-season herb that withstands temperatures up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit and can grow in USDA hardiness zones 2 to 11. Second. This herb though annual has the ability to self-seed. When seeds from mature plants fall on the ground, they happily grow into full-sized plants in the coming season without any help from you.  

Growing Dill From Seeds

You can grow dill seeds indoors starting early spring or sow them directly outside beginning from May to July.

Choose the Right Location. Dill thrives in a sunny sheltered site.  Preparation for Transplanting.  Before transplanting your dill seedlings, add compost or well-rotted manure to your soil to add more nutrients and help it retain moisture. Amount of Water Needed.  Be careful not to overwater your plants because they will not thrive if waterlogged.

Growing Dill From Seeds Successfully

Dill offers various uses – you can grow it for foliage, for seeds, or just for garden beautification.  Some cultivars do well in particular areas than others.

Dill Cultivars To Grow

Bouquet’  variety flowers early producing an abundance of seeds. 


Elephant’ variety is late-flowering, meaning you will have delicious fresh dill weed throughout the growing season.


Hera’ variety is a bunching dill producing lots of fragrant foliage that bolts slower than many varieties. 


Watering. Water your dill plant seeds until they are well established.  Fertilizing. Fertilize your soils using aged compost.  Staking and Weeding. Staking is essential to keep your dill tall and wispy.  Container Size. Dill forms taproot that requires a deep container in order to thrive.   Winter Care. You can grow your dill indoors during winter 

Caring For Dill

Harvesting Dill

It is best to harvest dill leaves before the flowers open or about 70 days after sowing.

Dill is a biennial plant that guy’s back to the ground during winter and reappears in the spring. However, very harsh winter can kill the plants, with none reappearing in the spring.

Does Dill Grow Back Every Year?

As we have seen above, growing dill from seeds is easy and requires low maintenance. This encourages every new and old gardener to keep growing this fresh herb for use in your different recipes.


Growing Dill From Seeds -An In-depth Look