Growing Plants: What Does a Plant Need to Survive and Grow?

Plants grow in their natural environment with everything they need. But when we create a garden, we make sure that we provide the plants with everything they need for them to survive and grow like the ones in nature. Humans need air, food, and water to be alive. And like humans, plants also have certain needs for survival and growth.

What Does a Plant Need to Survive and Grow?

There are many things plants need to survive and grow. These are water, nutrients, water, light, temperature, space, and time. We will look at why these things are important for our plants to grow really well.

Plants are made up of around 90% water. Water acts like blood. It transports every part of the plant that needs it. The water gets sucked up through wall root hairs and it evaporates through the leaves. As the water evaporates, the carbon dioxide enters. The process of water entering the root hairs is how plants absorb minerals… and nutrients from the soil...

Water and Nutrients

As humans, we need energy for growth. And we get our energy from food. In the same way, plants need the energy to grow. They get their energy from light. Different plants need different amounts of light. Some need more than others. Some plants grow in low light. These are plants that we usually grow as houseplants and ferns. Also, the tropical plants that live naturally under the canopies of trees...


Temperature (Warmth)

Plants have evolved. And some are able to adjust to suit different regimes. We can see plants almost everywhere on earth. But there are temperature differences around the globe. The same plants don’t grow everywhere...

Have you heard of the method of growing plants called “hydroponics”? It is the system of growing plants in the water and adding nutrients. This method is mainly used by commercial growers. And not your common gardener. Plants can grow without soil. But they can’t grow without the necessities that soil provides. So, why do plants need soil?...


Here are the two main reasons why plants need air: Plants need the air from above the ground Air provides plants the oxygen and carbon that they need. This is for them to photosynthesize (the process of how plants grow). Plants need air from below the ground They need oxygen to breathe. They get this air from tiny air spaces between soil particles...


Growing Plants: What Does a Plant Need to Survive and Grow?

There are different types of plants growing in different environments. But they need the same things with different amounts of them for them to grow and survive. The elements above provide the plant the basic nutrients. They give the plants the ability to grow and survive.