How Deep Do You Plant Iris Bulbs?

Iris bulbs are popularly called the goddess of the rainbow because they fill the garden with colourful blooms in spring and early summer.

How Deep Do You Plant Iris Bulbs?

The most favourite type, Dutch Iris bulbs bloom in spring in gorgeous shades of lilac, bronze, royal blue, red and yellow.

Growing Irises is fun and easy to manage.  Let’s look at the right way to grow them.

Growing Irises

Soil Type

Rich, well-drained, fertile soil is best for irises. If the soil is heavy growth, these flowers may be unsuccessful.  If you have heavy soil, adding grit to the planting hole is a good ...

Full sun is ideal for most irises, although some varieties do well in part shade – Iris reticulata and Iris histrioides. The taller types do well in a sheltered position and work well ...


Add mulch each spring, avoiding contact with the rhizomes as it leads to the bulbs rot.  Remove all drying foliage in the autumn to prepare the plant for new shoots after winter.


It is critical to plant your iris bulbs as soon as you receive them in the post.  If not immediately, plant them as soon as possible to avoid destroying them.


How Deep Do You Plant Iris Bulbs?