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How Fast Do Morning Glories Grow?

How fast do morning glories grow is a question we will answer in this article and have an in-depth look at the growth of this beautiful plant.

How Fast Do Morning Glories Grow?

They are fast-growing annual vines that grow and bloom within a short time.  They rapidly grow up to 15 feet or more a season.

– Morning glory plant is a fast-growing vine that will grow up to 15 feet in a season. – It likes to find slender support to twine around as it grows. – This plant is excellent at hiding ugly fences and other eyesores and decorate vertical objects such as mailbox poles, and lampposts by growing up a cord or chain of its vine. – You can successfully use this plant as a ground cover.

Quick Facts About The Morning Glory

– You can grow Ipomoea as a houseplant and support it with a wire or a string lattice in front of a sunny window.  Here it will flower abundantly all year round. - This flower attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, but it also appeals to rabbits, deer, and groundhogs. - In some areas, it can be slow to flower, go ahead and start your morning glory seed indoors if your area has a short growing season.

How Fast Do Morning Glories Grow?

Are you looking for a vine that grows fast and will cover a bald space in your yard?  Or, do you want the glorious color displayed next to your bedroom window every morning?