How Long Do Lilacs Bloom? – A Clear Guide

How long do lilacs bloom is a question that cannot be answered wholesomely, rather answered according to different types of lilac around us? 

The Juvenile Stage of Lilacs

Lilacs go through a stage known as the Juvenile stage that happens after germination. In this stage, they are not able to flower.

The age of your lilac plant plays a big role in how many times it will bloom. Young lilacs require more time to establish their roots. So, lilac trees less than 3 years old will not produce flowers. Some bushes may take 4-5 years to mature enough to bloom.

What Determines How Long the Lilacs Bloom?

Early – Spring Lilacs. Early lilac bloomers include the common lilac (syringa vulgaris) that blooms during spring that happens in May. Late – Spring Lilacs. A late-blooming lilac starts blooming almost towards the end of spring, and its bloom lasts for a month. Summer and Re-blooming Lilacs. Long-lasting lilacs can bloom during the hotter months of the year with many flowers.

When and How Long Do Lilacs Bloom – Different Varieties

Here are some facts about lilacs. – Lilac thrives in cold weather – Lilacs thrive in cold weather – the common lilac this in the Northern states and colder climates. – Lilacs love the full sun – All lilac bushes do best in an area that receives full sun for about 6-8 hours each day. ...

Basic Knowledge About Lilacs

As we have learned, how long do lilacs bloom solely depends on the type. We cannot classify all the lilacs in one group and think they bloom in one season. Learn the different types and choose what to grow on your farm. You will enjoy the beautiful blooms when it’s time.

Lilacs Season

During spring most lilacs only bloom for a short period. Long-lasting varieties of lilacs can re-bloom again thus earning their name re-blooming lilacs. This type can bloom for about 6 weeks throughout spring and summer.