When Do Lilac Bushes Bloom?

The fragrance from the lilac flowers is refreshing and outstanding, but do you know when lilac bushes bloom or are you missing out on the flowers?

When Do Lilac Bushes Bloom?

Lilacs (syringa) bloom in spring.  The large, beautiful wands of flowers bring about an abundant color to the landscape and fill the air with fragrance.

Several factors affect their bloom; they include

Factors Affecting Lilac Bushes Bloom

The age of your lilac is a big deal as to how many times the bush will bloom.  Young lilacs require more time to establish their roots. 

Age Of The Lilac Bush

Early Spring Lilacs

Lilacs do not bloom all at the same time.  Some bloom early-spring while others late-spring.  

Common lilacs can also fall into this category.  Since their blooms can last for a month, it means it will have to wait until late spring if it flowers late due to cold weather.  

Late Spring Lilacs

After lilac flowers bloom and fade, it is important to take care of them in several ways.  They include: ...

Lilac Plant Maintenance After Flowering

Most gardeners try to look for a single reason why their bush is not blooming.  Instead of thinking about only one reason, look for possible reasons that may include: ...

What To Do When Your Lilac Bush Fails To Bloom

Now that you know when lilac bushes bloom, you can expect a colorful home starting in the spring. But, if you are a lover of lilacs, go ahead and plant both the early and late bloomers so you can get plenty of flowers all through spring and summer.