How Long Does It Take For Potatoes To Grow

Our potato-growing guide will cover the most asked question – how long does it take for potatoes to grow and general tips to grow this crop.

The Early Varieties have shorter maturity times and are fully grown and ready for harvest in less than 90 days from seeding. The Mid-Season Varieties reach their maturity in about 100 days from seeding and are best for planting in warm areas. The Late Variety produces enough potatoes to take you through winter and they mature in about 110 days.

How Long Does It Take Potatoes To Grow?

Useful Tips To Follow On How To Grow Potatoes

Regardless of what variety you choose to grow, there are few growing tips you should follow to ensure you get a good harvest.

Each potato tuner equals a potato seed!  Your potato harvest will grow to form the tubers you plant in the ground. 

Get Certified Tubers

If you want your crop to start well, plant pre-sprouted potatoes.  To pre-sprout, place the tubers in a warm well-lit room for about 5 weeks before planting.

Pre-Sprout Your Potatoes Indoors

Fertilize Your Growing Potatoes

When seeding your potatoes fertilize them and do so again when the plants are growing to give you good produce.

Potatoes need a lot of moisture to grow well.  The best way to keep the moisture levels high is bymulching with a good layer of leaves, straw, or plastic mulch. 

Mulch Heavily

If you have already seeded your potatoes and a frost is coming, use an old blanket to cover the seedlings to protect them.

Cover The Potatoes As They Grow In Case Of Poor Weather

If you want more potatoes in the coming seasons, the secret is to plant immediately you harvest instead of leaving the spot vacant. 

Plant More Tubers As Soon As You Harvest Your Ready Potatoes

How long does it take to grow potatoes is no longer a mystery to you now.  You only have to decide what type to plant and how much. Do not forget you can keep a few tubers from your harvest to plant in your next season.