How Long Till Chickens Lay Eggs?

Do you have young chickens at home, eagerly waiting for those fresh eggs and wondering how long till chickens lay eggs?

How Long Before Chickens Lay Eggs

Chickens can start laying eggs as early as 16 weeks old.  However, on average, young female chickens egg laying starts at 18 to 24 weeks, but they can take up to 8 months.

– Enlarged Red Combs And Wattles – She Starts To Explore The Nesting Area – She Can Start Getting Louder – They Get An Increase In Appetite – She Will Get Into Squatting Behaviour

Signs That Show Your Chicken Is Ready To Start Laying Eggs Soon

– They are too young – They have grown too old past their laying time – Chickens do not lay during wintertime – They may be moulting feather – Your hens could be broody – Your chickens could have internal parasite – Alternatively, they could be ill – illness in chicken causes a drop in laying eggs. – Your hens could be stressed – You are not feeding them with a proper diet

Reasons Why Your Chicken Are Not Laying

Time Of The Year And How Do Chickens Lay Eggs In Different Season

The majority of the young chickens will begin to lay eggs within the first year.  If you happen to get your chicks later in the year – either summer or fall, and they come into maturity during the cold days of winter or fall, you may have to wait until next spring to receive fresh eggs.

How Long Till Chickens Lay Eggs?

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here as your chicken lays the first eggs. When chickens start laying their eggs, their first eggs are relatively smaller than what they will regularly.