What Do You Call A Baby Chicken

The cute little birds are more than an Easter pet, and everyone seems to refer to them differently – so what do you call a baby chicken?

Baby Chicken: Chicks, Peeps, Or Pullets?

Do you remember “Peeps” the Easter candy? That’s also how baby chickens are called along with chicks.

All baby chickens were called chicks until they were several weeks old since farmers couldn’t tell them apart. 

Gendering Baby Chickens

How Old Are Young Hens

After passing the chick to pullet or cockerel phase, then comes the maturing period. A chicken that’s a year old or more old is called a hen – but what are young hens?

Young hens or pullets that have been provided proper care can start laying eggs when they’re 16 to 24 weeks old. 

Can Pullets Lay Eggs

Hens are most productive when they’re one to two years old. After they go over the two-year mark, the egg production will slow down.

The Lifespan Of Hens

You might be surprised at the fact that there are so many ways to call a baby chicken. They mainly depend on the area and the person you talk to. Farmers with years of experience under their belt tend to use more specific names.

Other Names For Chickens You Didn’t Know

In fact, chickens molt every year, and it’s one of the trickiest parts of their life. The feathers protect them, help them regulate their temperature.

Baby Chickens Molt

To determine the correct name, you have to consider both the age and the gender of the chicken.

Concluding How Is A Baby Chicken Called

Still, having doubts about how to call a baby chicken? It’s simple – once it’s hatched, it’s brood, chick, or peep. 


What Do You Call A Baby Chicken