How Much Sunlight Does Money Plant Need? - A Closer Look

A money plant’s sunlight needs are major as it required a good amount of light daily to help with photosynthesis, but how much light is enough?

How much sunlight does money plant need?

The amount of sunlight that money plants need is very different for each species.

Some are more light-sensitive than others and will do better in full sunlight, some are more shade-loving.

How much sunlight is for money to plant in water?

Money plants require plenty of sunlight especially when growing in water. 

If possible provide them with 8 hours of direct sunlight to keep them warm.

Does the money plant need sunlight?

Plants need to be exposed to direct sunlight, but not direct sunlight for too long, as this may cause leaves to burn or fade. 

Some plants will require more sunlight than others, but most can be grown in a window or patio.

Money plant sunlight needs are major for this plant to thrive and grow healthy. 

How Much Sunlight Does Money Plant Need?

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