Money Plant Sunlight Needs – A Closer Look

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A money plant’s sunlight needs are major as it required a good amount of light daily to help with photosynthesis, but how much light is enough?

Money plant sunlight requirements are major as it required a good amount of light daily to help with photosynthesis, but how much light is enough?

Solanum lycocarpum or the money plant is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Nightshade family. This plant can be found in many tropical and subtropical countries.

It is commonly known as the money plant because of its ability to grow at a fast rate and produces flowers with beautiful red/orange colors which attract insects and butterflies to pollinate the plants.

The money plant can be used for medicinal purposes and is also used as a source of food and fiber. The money plant grows up to 50cm tall with an average width of 20cm. The money plant has green leaves that have 3-5 lobes.  It is a perennial herbaceous plant that can be found in tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and America.  It has been used for centuries as a source of dye and as a natural insecticide.

The Money Plant Sunlight Needs

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When growing a money plant, you will need to provide it with enough sunlight to keep it growing healthy.

When growing money plants indoors, plant your money plant under a window with strong sunlight or in a sunny place. Money plant loves direct sunlight but not too much. The sunlight should be at least 8 hours a day and preferably more. You can also use artificial light like a grow light to keep the money plant growing healthy and strong.

When growing it outdoors, plant the money plant needs an average of 8 hours of sunlight every day.  The sunlight is essential as it helps the money plant produce leaves and flowers.

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Soil is important to the growth of a Money Plant. It must be rich, well-drained, and free from stones and other debris. This means it must be well-tilled and kept reasonably weed-free. If you are growing money plants from seed, it is best to start them in a container, then transplant them into the garden as soon as possible.

They also prefer slightly alkaline soil. If your soil is not good, it will affect the health of the money plant. You should keep the soil consistently moist, but not wet. A composted mulch is a good way to ensure moisture is conserved.


Watering your money plant regularly can help prevent problems such as rot and disease.


Money Plants need a consistent temperature of about 65° F (18° C) to grow well.  They are cold-blooded plants, meaning that their growth and development depend on the temperature they are exposed to. If you live in a colder climate, you may need to provide your Money Plant with a heater to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Money Tree Soil

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Growing Money Plant

If you are growing Money Plants from seed, they should be started indoors about 6 weeks before your average last frost date. When they have reached 4–5 inches in height, transplant them outdoors. If you have started them from seed, they should be planted in individual pots or trays until they have reached the same size as when they were grown indoors.

After transplanting, they should be watered regularly and allowed to dry out between waterings. Seedlings should be watered regularly until they are established. They should be kept evenly moist, but not allowed to sit in water.

You can also grow money plants from a division. Money plants should be divided into two pieces when they are about 2–3 inches tall. The top half of the plant should be separated from the bottom half. This division should be done in early spring or fall.

To divide, simply cut the roots with a sharp knife and gently separate the pieces. You may also take a small clump of money plants and cut it into several pieces. The divisions should be planted in separate containers.

Do not mix the different pieces of the plant. If you want to mix them, wait until the money plant has grown into one large clump.

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Final Thoughts – Money Plant Sunlight Needs

Money plant sunlight needs are major for this plant to thrive and grow healthy.  Sunlight is important to each plant as it helps in photosynthesis. Plants need direct sunlight during the day, so they can perform photosynthesis.

Plants that have more sunlight can grow faster and stronger than those that don’t get enough sunlight.

Sunlight and moist soils go hand in hand.  When you water your money plant, be sure to use the right amount of water. Too much or too little water can lead to death. The best way to water your money plant is by using a spray bottle.

You can also place the pot of your money plant in a saucer filled with water. You can also let the pot sit on a tray filled with water. Keep the pot of your money planted on the windowsill or outside.

Money plants are known to grow best when placed near the window or the doors where there is sunlight. If you want to grow your money plant indoors, you can place it near a south-facing window. Money plants need good air circulation to grow healthy and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much sunlight does money plant need?

The amount of sunlight that money plants need is very different for each species. Some are more light-sensitive than others and will do better in full sunlight, some are more shade-loving. Many of the common types (e.g. the "Dwarf" varieties) are not particularly fussy about their light requirements. Others (e.g. the "Mountain" varieties) can be sensitive to light levels and will grow poorly in full sunlight.

How much sunlight is for money to plant in water?

Money plants require plenty of sunlight especially when growing in water.  If possible provide them with 8 hours of direct sunlight to keep them warm.

Does the money plant need sunlight?

Plants need to be exposed to direct sunlight, but not direct sunlight for too long, as this may cause leaves to burn or fade. Some plants will require more sunlight than others, but most can be grown in a window or patio.

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