How Often Do You Need to Water Newly Planted Trees?

Planting trees takes some time and patience, but it is well worth all the hard work. No matter what type of tree you are planting, it will take some special steps to make sure you get it properly planted. One of the most important steps to planting a tree is making sure you are watering it right.

When to Water - Knowing when to water is key to allowing your tree to healthily grow. The first few weeks require the most attention, as this is when the tree needs the most water.

How Often Do You Need to Water Newly Planted Trees?

How Much to Water - How much water you give them depends on the stem caliper. For every inch of stem caliper, water one to one and a half gallons. The older the tree, the larger the caliper and the more water it will need.

Where to Water - You will want to create a water reservoir around your tree by making a circular mound of earth, three to four inches high, around the tree at the edge of its root ball. Then use a slow trickle of water to fill the reservoir, allowing the water to slowly infiltrate the root ball and surrounding area.

Use Mulch to Help Your Trees - When trees are planted, they have to compete against turf for nutrients, water, and space. Turf almost always wins the battle because of its dense fibrous root system. Luckily, mulch provides trees with the needed advantages to beat turf.

Research Your Tree and Environment - Before you plant your new tree, you should research tips to help the type of tree grow and how to properly water it, as every tree is unique. Certain trees may need extra special care to help their root system flourish. Some trees also need more water than other trees.

Keeping Your New Trees Healthy

Maintaining a regular and consistent watering schedule is vital for your newly planted trees to thrive. Newly planted trees need proper watering in order to keep them healthy and to allow their root system to grow.

How Often Do You Need to Water Newly Planted Trees?

Planting new trees is an exciting time. Not only do you feel a sense of accomplishment, but you also get to watch those trees grow over the years. However, there is one important question you need to ask yourself after planting new trees is: How often do you need to water newly planted trees?