How To Get Rid Of Wisteria Roots From Your Yard

Though Beautiful and sweet-smelling, wisteria blooms are fast-growing. They quickly take over anything on the way. If left alone to grow, they exercise the real meaning of thriving! They take over any plantation including trees and buildings.

So What is Wisteria?

Wisteria is a vine plant that produces blue and purple flowers that are spectacular. Being a vine, it hangs in an archway manner blossoming in spring and early summer. After flowering, a brown bean pod stays on the plant until winter.

Most people who plant this vine without knowing its danger, find themselves stuck not knowing how to get rid of wisteria for good. Here we lay down all the tools and ingredients required to carry out the extinction of wisteria. Tools Gardening gloves Pruners or loppers ...

How to Get Rid of Wisteria

Step 1: Prepare the herbicide mixture using any of the 3 herbicides. Using a small disposable bowl, prepare 15 to 20% herbicide mixture. Step 2: Using a handsaw gives wisteria stumps a nice horizontal cut. Leave a few inches protruding from the ground. Step 3: ...

How to kill Wisteria- Steps to Follow

Wisteria though a nice ornamental plant will at times become a hassle to maintain. Rescue your yard by destroying it as soon as you realize it’s getting out of hand!