How To Get Seeds From Pampas Grass

Learning how to get seeds from pampas grass is beneficial in helping you save seeds for future planting or selling of this ornamental grass.

Growing Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is beautiful and complements other plants in your garden. This ornamental grass makes fantastic filler for parts of the garden that may look empty.

If you choose to grow pampas grass, you need to be committed to giving it regular yearly maintenance.

Growing Pampas Grass Requires a Long Term Commitment

The most rewarding aspects of gardening are being able to harvest your seeds and propagate new plants in your garden. This cost-effective and affordable approach helps gardeners can create more beautiful gardens with tight budgets. 

How to Harvest Seeds from Pampas Grass

How to Store Harvested Pampas Grass Seeds

Once you have picked your mature seeds, allow the seed heads to dry to 1-2 days after removing them. 

Pampas grass like other ornamental grass grows fast and out of control too. You will need to prune it to keep it under control. 

When to Prune Pampas Grass

Your relationship with pampas grass is not fleeting; it’s a long term commitment that should not be taken lightly. But it is well worth the effort because your yard will reflect the beauty of well-maintained grass.

Harvesting Grass Seeds

How to get seeds from pampas grass is as simple as harvesting seeds from other plants. Some ornamental grasses readily spread and reseed in the garden but other varieties may need help. Also if you need to collect seeds for future planting or selling, you will need to harvest them yourself. It takes a lot of patience to collect pampas grass seeds.