How To Grow A Banana Tree with A Store Bought Banana

Bananas are a delicious fruit, but can only be grown in specific tropical climates that offer enough heat and rain to allow the stem to grow. People often wonder whether or not it’s possible to grow a banana using only a store-bought fruit that is planted in the ground. After all, the banana should have seeds inside, right?

What You Will Need

The truth is that there are numerous misconceptions about the bananas bought from stores. Most of them have been genetically altered to not have seeds ...

Whether or not you locate a sucker or seed, the instructions for growing your own banana plant will remain the same. It is also important to note that bananas are actually herbs, so they don’t grow on trees.


One of the most important steps for growing bananas from seeds is preparing the seed before it goes into the ground. To help the seed sprout, soak them in warm water for 24 to 48 hours.

Soak the Seeds in Warm Water

While the seeds are sprouting in the water, create the ideal outdoor area for the banana plant.

Prepare a Warm Outdoor Area

Plant the Seeds

After soaking the seeds, bring them to the potting area and bury them ¼ in. deep in the soil. Then, cover the soil with more compost.

Once the banana seeds are in the ground, keep the soil damp for at least two weeks. This facilitates the growth of the plant and helps ensure it will remain strong and healthy.

Maintain the Right Conditions for Growth

Bananas take a long time to grow. Sometimes they will start to sprout through the soil in as little as two weeks or as long as two months. 

Be Patient

The banana plant can often test an individual’s patience because it takes a while for the fruit to blossom, especially for someone who lives in a colder climate. 

Additional Tips and Tricks


Most banana varieties sold in the United States contain no seeds at all. 

How do you get seeds from a banana?

The black seeds in the middle of the banana are seeds.  The bananas we eat have seeds that are immature and won’t develop even if they are planted. 

What are the black seeds in a banana?

Most of the fruits we eat have seeds of some sort.  But bananas are special, they have no seeds. 

Why are there no seeds in bananas?

Yes, it is possible to grow a banana tree in a pot.

Can banana trees grow in pots?

A banana tree takes a good amount of time to grow from the time you plant to the time you harvest it.

How long does it take to grow a banana tree?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are now able to grow healthy bananas that you can enjoy without fears of human exploitation, ridiculous shipping prices, and the ever-present fruit flies at the supermarket.