How To Grow Common Sage From Seed

It is important to learn how to grow common sage from seed to undertake the fun journey of growing this culinary superstar.

Let’s Look at How to Grow Common Sage from Seed

Site preparation. Sage grows in well-prepared garden beds or containers. It requires full sun and tolerates partial shade. Add some organic compost ...

Growing sage from seeds needs patience because they take longer to germinate. Scatter the seed over the seed starting soil and cover them with 1/8 inch of soil. Keep the soil ...

Sowing the seeds

Seeds take about 6 weeks to germinate, once they are ready, transplant them to the garden. Transplant seedlings to the garden after all danger of frost have come to an end. Space the ...


Common Types of Sage

Garden Sage. This is one of the popular varieties also referred to as common sage. It resists extreme cold weather during winters bouncing back to life every spring.

Purple Sage.  This sage has purple leaves when young. Unlike the garden sage, the purple sage bush does not bloom as often.

Some of the Less Popular Ones

It is also known as bee sage and is used for cooking. It is a slow grower taking up to 3 years to mature and grow up to 2-3 feet tall.

White Sage

How To Grow Common Sage From Seed

Armed with the facts of how to grow common sage from seed, let’s go and grow it. This useful herb will not leave our food tasting the same. It will be more delicious, all thanks to sage!