Is Sage Annual Or Perennial Plant?

Is sage annual or perennial plants that, once planted, can grow for many years without dying or having to be replanted?

Is Sage Annual Or Perennial

Sage is perennial or annual! It is an annual or perennial plant depending on where you grow it. If you live in planting zones 5 to 8, your sage will be perennial.

There are over 900 species of sage (salvia) which is the largest genus of plants in the mint family. Garden Sage This sage is one of the most well-known varieties, also referred to as common sage. Is garden sage a perennial?  Yes ...

Popular Types Of Annual Or Perennial Sage

How To Grow Sage

Sage is another herb that requires full sun position and doesn’t like summer humidity or wet roots.

To get better produce every season, sage loves a good application of organic fertilizer once or twice a year to boost its calcium levels. 

Fertilizing and pruning sage

A month or so after planting, pick individual sage leaves throughout its growing season or as you need them. You can use them fresh or dry them for future use.


Is sage perennial or annual?  Depending on where you live you can grow this plant as either. You will only need to understand your USDA hardiness zone and the requirements to grow sage, and voila, you have your herb successfully growing.


Is Sage Annual Or Perennial Plant?